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  1. I don't know about the "POTENTIAL HAZARDOUS CONDITIONS" but most all spa shells, particularly Acrylic with ABS substrate all say the same thing, no matter how much you pay for them. I believe that Imperial, would be smart to not build spas for Costco as most all the other manufacturers have figured out. If you were a hot tub builder and you can't make any money selling to Costco, would you continue?
  2. Looks like four real jets, two bullet jets and several super tiny jets to me. That isn't quality. It also looks like every post on here is by a Hot Spring sales person desparte for sales.
  3. I would have to disagree with the statement of making a cheaper/lower quality item in a recession. What we have seen here over the past few months is that the customers looking for the lower priced tubs just can't afford one at all. They do not have the disposible income. We are selling more of our higher end high quality tubs to customers that have"disposible" income. They are set fincially and tend to get the better deals during the sluggish market. The higher priced homes ($800,000 and up) are also selling more out here rather than the typical family home. This year will be interesting to what it will bring us all! What do you consider to be "high end" in spas? Our Haven Spas are true "high end" made to last and have better features. The Super Custom Spas we make are sold to people who really just want the best and no BS. I believe that Hot Spring dealers are stuck and they don't have any choice for economic reasons. The spas just keep getting lower and lower quality, but not just Hot Spring. Hot Spring seems to be the "leader at lowering quality" and others just copy to compete. It is really sad to see this in this country.
  4. Interesting premise. I haven't been in the industry during a prior recession. I would think that expanding your product line to include new models that are lower in price makes sense as it offers people an affordable alternative. When times improve, people will trade up. Might be a bit premature to say as far as the topic spas are concerned. Is there any historical evidence for this conclusion? Early Tiger River, for example. They were a low end product when they came out and had a lot of problems. The 700 series of Sundance with shells that fell apart and weak pumps and jets. The Echo Series of Jacuzzi. The Calderas that showed up at Costco back in 96. The D1 home spas that were junky. The Marquis copies of Hot Spring. Shall I go on? When Hot Spring started removing the Stay rite pumps, so did Sundance. So much of the quality of the past is gone, because of a reduced market and people actually believing that selling poor quality is the way to save their company. It is a bad business policy, because it causes consumers problems when they try to buy what they can afford and it breaks down. I guess it is the "American Way" of business. Back in 1991 there was a huge recession in CA and less across the country. The smart thing to do is to remove features and keep the quality high. If you reduce the size of the pumps HP, don't reduce the size of the quality. Use less expensive controls that have the same components running the pumps. I have been looking at Chinese Spas. Guess what, guys? They are coming on very strong. I have been getting detailed photos from the factories over there. Their problem right now is that they are putting too much on them. Most all the models have pop up TV, and sound with lights and you can call you spa from your cell phone (the Chinese make most of the computer parts, so...). Still about half the cost of a US built spa with a crap, ABS/acrylic, shell. These spas have acrylic with fiberglass and friggin stainless steel frames. All this hot tub "stuff" is about to undergo a huge transformation. Unless this "free trade" agreement is changed soon, we will all be shipping parts and Spas from China, because they are smart and are agressive in manufacturing. When it comes to spas, if you are ignorant about hot tubs and spas, then you will get taken. The odds are against you if you are lazy and don't do the research. Even the Chinese have better products than this Hot Spring stamped out plastic stuffed with foam and lots of worhtless tiny bullet jets. Are people that stupid? Yes! People in this country fall for the corporate BS every day, like it is some sort of security blanket, while they rip you off with deception. Give yourself a break and go read about spas on the net. Read all that you can find, and then go shopping with some knowledge. http://www.soundclick.com/havenhead
  5. Everytime there is a recession, hot tub companies come out with "new models" that are lower in quality, but high in price. It is the corporate way to try and stay in business, but it leaves a wake of dissatisfied customers as these products fail to perform well. I went over and looked in detail at all the specifications and it doesn't even come close to the least expensive spas we offer in therapy or quality. It is a typical "desparation spa" from a large Corporation to have something cheap to sell in times of recession. The hot tub industry is in a time of recession, because they are considered to be "luxury items."
  6. Contact an electrician. Wire size is more complicated than some chart. The conditions the wire is subject to, the insulation used and the type of conductor all are part of the equation.
  7. As much as I have educated consumers on hot tub sales tricks, you would think things might change. I had a customer tell me that he had a "horrible day". He went out car shopping and spa shopping in the same day. My advice is to take time to understand exactly what you are buying first, then find a price that you can afford. http://www.soundclick.com/havenhead
  8. The pH is primary, the TA is a tool for controling pH. Lower the pH and let the TA go for now. The TA is used to contol pH, but if you are using only chlorine, and or chlorine shock you will get a high pH and low TA all the time. If you can get the pH to stabilize with a TA of 30 that is fine, but it will probably start to fall, then you can slowly raise the TA and pH. If you are using chlorine you need to keep the pH around 7.2 because it is not effective at high pH. http://www.soundclick.com/havenhead
  9. The salesman told you? Could it be that he has a reason? $$$$$ I don't think it is the best.
  10. All of our prices are published and we don't haggle. That is the price, and all discounted and way below market value. Also, all of our models are better quality than the so called high end of other brands. Our lowest priced models will outlast them all. Most spa sales people are taught to not give the price until they have a chance to sell the product to you, and you will most likely never get a price until they have sat you down at the "closing table" and handed you a drink. Most everything they do is to create a false sense of obligation. I don't like most sales people, because they are taught to play games to get your money. http://www.soundclick.com/havenhead
  11. Polaris Spa Wand is the best I have used.
  12. Again a completely false statement that is uncalled for. I took it as a joke, offered in the form of satire, and a funny one at that. Thank you for clarifying that Arctic is not really "thermopane"; I think people largely realize that, but still lump us with TP for convenience. Our ultimate goal, of course, is to have it recognized that there are three types of insulation method: full foam, thermopane, and Arctic-style perimeter insulation. There is still another called the DAIT system, which is superior to all the rest.
  13. If you have space in the cabinet put in a couple of 100 Watt light bulbs. Keep them at least 5 inches from the materials. Put a blanket over the equipment area.
  14. On any vents use "rodent screen". It is a thick wire screen materal that is made in very small squars or triangles.
  15. There is an old joke from an old businessman I knew; "We may not make any money on each sale, but we make up for it in volume."
  16. How much weight is it rated for? I need to be able to work on my trucks too. There is absolutely no reason for full foam, except to cut the cost of manufacturing. A strong shell does not need to be supported by foam, and a good thermally closed design is better at saving energy. This has been proven over three times by independent testing. http://www.soundclick.com/havenhead
  17. That is some convoluted plumbing with a lot of 90 degree turns. Normal is "pump pressure side eixts to the filter in then out to heater and on to the jets on a pressure filter system. It looks like that is the correct rotation, but I would prefer smoother turns. But the price is right.
  18. Lift the tab and the entire outer ring turns counter clockwise. Many people will force the ring and break it, becasue they don't know that they need to replace the "o'ring". You can tighten it all you want but it still leaks if the o'ring is worn out. You will also need some Magic Lube on the o'ring to keep it alive longer and allow a better and easier seal. If you break the ring getting it off, it can be replaced for around 10 bucks. This is what is known as a pressure filter. When you get a new filter element in it and a new oring and turn on the spa, you "bleed" the air out with the little knurled knob. As soon as water spits out close it. It may need a new o'ring as well, put Magic Lube on that too.
  19. A few post back, (like as soon as I heard that Hydro was selling at Costco,) I stated that all the companies who have put their dealers up against Costco or any mass merchant have not done very well and most have been bought out or are gone. The list is getting longer. Jacuzzi was one of the first who lost hundreds of dealers. They got tired of trying to prove to consumers that their "store" Jacuzzi was better than the "mass merchant" Jacuzzi, because consumers just see the brand name. I think that any dealer who doesn't drop a manufacturer who sells at mass merchants is cutting their own businesses down. That is why I don't understand any dealer for any brand at Costco, or any mass merchant would stand for having a single model at Costco that mentions your brand. If you value your business, you would drop them like a hot potato and find another brand or another business to get into. However, most of the consumers who got a Costco Hydro Spa saved about $3000 to $4000 for similar quality products from dealers. So, even if you have to replace the control system twice, and pay for it, you still made out better with no warranty at all. But many people who buy them really can't afford to own a spa, if that was the maximum they could afford to pay. Does that make sense? Those are the ones who have the most difficulty with spa ownership. The cost for a warranty is built into the price of the spas and is based upon some sort of average number of issues under warranty. Dealers tend to "eat" a lot of the warranty costs in order to just take care of their customers. An average store has to have about $20,000 to $30,000 gross per month just to stay in business, and not to make profits until that "nut" is met. There is no way that Hydro could honor much warranty or any returns from Costco at those prices. It was a very poor management decision to sell at Costco, but I'll bet it sounded good at the time. http://www.soundclick.com/havenhead
  20. I am sorry that you have to go though all of this, just to find a decent spa.
  21. It is possible that Pump 1 has the wrong impeller in it. Too big for the motor and will cause both the noise and the overheat.
  22. That much baking soda will drop out most of the calcium from the water and any ions. Calcium will cake on the heater and basically ruin it. It deposits on to the jets and plugs the air on acrylic spas.
  23. What real purpose is a HOA? Anybody who would set on that comittee has to be screwed up. I was in a community in Boulder like that, and NEVER AGAIN. It is hard enough with the building department and all their confusion.
  24. Don't waste your money. Go to Costco is better than that stuff.
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