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  1. hello there.. i had a check from Infinity that bounced.. Can i file paperwork too?? Can i get a copy of the paperwork you received? thank you spamom.
  2. Thank you for your reply i am curious is Costco's blanket the same thickness as yours? Is it the same manufacturer possibly?? Is that why it may be bunching up?? "inferior"?? I see that Sandi bought your thermal blanket... Is there some sort of pkg of thermal blanket & leash?? thanks for the info.
  3. My husband thought it would be a good idea to get one of the spa blankets - so we ordered the one from costco.... I don't know if it is because our water may be too low, or if it is the blanket in general -it bunches up when the jets are on and *** goes into the filter. ( as i just was reading about the thickness of misc blankets) Has anyone bought this blanket? Does anyone know it's thickness? When my husband went to open the spa last night it was bunched up..... and seemed to be choking the filter..... could this also be due to the low water?? Or is this a bad blanket that i should return?? I was also reading about spa "covers" to protect the spines of the cover - has anyone bought these? Are they worth it? I also saw on a website about hurricane straps... We live in NY - Long Island - where we can be prone to Nor' Easter's and really very heavy heavy winds ( We are only a few miles from the shoreline) Should we invest in these as well?? Does anyone tarp their hottub for the Winter? We are thinking of emptying it for the Jan/Feb freeze. Lastly - since Infinity is no longer... Can anyone recommend a good website for filters?? Thank you in advance...
  4. Are they sending you a master jet to replace the regular jet? If so, do you realize you'll have to drill a larger hole in the tub? They said the master jet is much larger then the regular so you cannot switch that one without drilling. They're sending me 3 mini massage jets that each one can replace a regular jet. i believe that some of the specs they have changed in Tx is because of "backyard keys".. if you look on the bj's website.. their tubs all have the 4.0 heaters. I don't believe that you can get a TN tub, as per my conversation with someone from Tx.... all Costco tubs they said would be mauf and shipped from TX.... ???? Also... before you put in that 5.5 heater.... we need to make sure it is ok - with the wiring and all.. AND the women i spoke with said that if i did that - it would void my warranty????? Please double check!!
  5. Jennifer - I am not sure if it is Costco that has changed the specs... There seems to be several changes - since they moved the plant to texas. What kind of heater did you get?? 4.0?? Did you see the tub from Jeff's pictures.... does yours look like his? How about the control panel.. does it say Infinity?? My tub is awaiting delivery and i just put it on hold for now.. while i am waiting for Costco to call me back with some info.. For your info... I placed my order on May 2 and they called me yesterday. - a little over 3 weeks for delivery!! You might want to consider that info.... if you want a new tub.. i don't think it would be that long.. By the way... do you have any pics you can share?? thanks
  6. Hello all.. this really comes out of Jeff's tub info.. that his tub came with a 4.0 heater.... i just called the phone number on Costco's website and spoke to an "Infinity rep" at the Tx location and they confirmed all tubs are made with the 4.0 heater.... they claim they never put a 5.5 heater in them.... for all those, Sandi/ kengorman/ Biz... etc... who have recieved your tubs prior.... Can you confirm your heater IS a 5.5 ??? i would like to call Costco on this.. but would like to have my facts straight and maybe fix this BEFORE my tub is delivered!!!! Thank you all. Also... just in case.. (does anyone know how much this would effect electric. and or heating of the tub?)
  7. Jeff- We ordered our SunPeak in May... awaiting arrival AND reading your posts with great interest. You are correct... whatever is posted as specs for an item LEGALLY must be given. I am sure Costco as you said - does not know.. But i am concerned about the quality control AND the change of locations.....??? I will be giving Infinity a call later... to see what they say... I will let you know. By the way... Are the other specs the same?? And is the control panel a Balboa.. like the others?? I hope this is not a case of "bait & switch"........ keep me posted - and i will advise as well. thanks.
  8. Am i doing something wrong... it shows up as an error..no pics
  9. We ordered on 4/4 and it's to be delivered tomorrow .....FINALLY! I still can't believe it took them almost 7 weeks! He didn't ask me when delivery would work best...he said thursday in the afternoon and I said fine. A month ago when I talked to the shipper then he said 100 to place the tub. When he called yesterday to tell me delivery would be on thurday then he asked me again how far from the driveway would the tub go. I told him 8 foot and he quoted 100 again. It sounds like each shipper is different. Some are getting it placed cheaper and some more. I don't know how they determine it. My husband thought 100 was quite expensive, considering they only need to move it 8 foot but it will save our backs so I guess it's worth it. my husband thinks it depends where the location & state... where are you located??
  10. Hello Biz thanks for they reply.. glad it all went well. Q: Did the driver come up with the price... or is that what you offered? Q: Did you discuss the price before or after he took the tub off the truck... Also... WHY did you need your pickup?? and 4x4's??? Where in your yard were you putting this tub?? as you said you needed 6 guys?? Well, glad you are getting it ready.... enjoy your soak.... and keep posting.. Now we all need to learn about the chemicals... are you usuing bromide or chlorine... I have read alot about problems with itch.. and skin problems, so i am not concerned... ALso.. did they give you a choice in delivery times... as we work as well, and would you suggest us taking off for the day of delivery.... would you advice that.. or is evening, like you did it just as good. I see someone answered your post... Once we get that - my husband and electician/mechanic will be able to help.....Once he learns the system..... can;t wait!!!!!!! to join the costco/infinity family!!!
  11. Yes... please share pictures.... I am so excited!! We thougth we missed the sale... then it reppeared... and we ordered on May 2.... Can't wait to get our call!!!! Do they give you a choice of dates for delivery??? As i work, i will need to take a day off. I believe someone also got an evening delivery... did you ask for that?? We are all excited......YAY!! Soon to be joining the "infinity club"
  12. Our spa is scheduled to be delivered Thursday night. I am somewhat confused though about some of the electrical. I understand that a GFCI breaker box has to be installed. Is that installed near the hot tub itself or should it be installed near our breaker box in the basement? I am not sure what the box is even for. Our electrician is scheduled to arrive on Friday. Also, did you pay the drivers to drop it at the location you wanted and if so, how much did you pay them? Hello BIZ... So... how was the delivery?? Hope all went well. Please let us know - as i am awaiting a delivery date as well.... How were the drivers... how much?? How's the tub???? YOU will have a nice weekend tubing!!
  13. We are expecting our Sun Peak Hot tub to arrive in a couple of days, so thanks for the review. Electrical man is coming today, the estimate we got was between $500-$700 only. Our panel is in an unfinished basement and is about 50 feet from the tub. We live in Vermont, and hope that our electrical bills in the winter aren't too high. hello Vt!! Were are you in VT?? we have close friends living in Londonderry - but i am in NY. Question for you - Biz, How long after the email of shippment did they contact you? Did the delivery company confirm a delivery date yet?? Do they give a choice of days or is - "we will be there tomorrow"..type of thing?? Also... did you check how much to put it in your backyard - or are you waiting till they show up to negociate?? How much will you offer?? How far from your drive does the tub have to go?? Please keep us posted about your delivery- We order ours May 2.... and can't wait!! thanks to all the people - like Ken & Sandi... we will be getting a great tub and doing the work ourselves!!
  14. thank you very much Sandi!! we wanted to get an idea of how we wanted to plan our base, and make sure the electic panel is on the side of the electric (duh)..... as far as the steps... are they on the other side of the electric panel?? You said " The step was built wide enough that it also hides the drain that sticks out on one side." I just got my notification that my tub was shipped... but no tracking info yet.. so i guess they are on the way out of TN?? How long did it take you to get yours... and also... did you also make a "side deal" with the driver or did the delivery company tell you how much it was to deliver this... thank you for all your help
  15. hello all, i need some spec info from those who have recieved their tubs... my husband wants to position our tub so that the electric panel is near the electrical box which he will be installing.... can someone give us a diagram of where everything is on the tub?? we would like to know where the electric comes out of. which side .. and which side size is that - the 78" side or the 84" side?... also where is the topside controls in regard to the electical box.... and to those who put down pavers - did you do a square size....? how much bigger than the hot tub did you make the base... we are working in the backyard and trying to get an idea of how and where exactly to put the tub... Before it gets here... One other question...(yes i have many!) Can you step right into this tub... or do you recommend stairs... Also... the sunpeak must be selling like "hotcakes" as they just extended the "sale" date for an extra week.... thanks! lets go tubing!!!!
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