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  1. If it is the gasket, its poor water chemistry, once it starts you would have to replace the gaskets. i would look more towards a soap/lotion issue possibly. Would have to see and feel the "material you are finding
  2. Blue/green is usually caused by copper, which low PH can strip off your heat exchangers if they are copper. You can try a stain/metal remover. . If he is maintaining the spa, why did he not address the PH dropping sooner? i would bring a sample of you water to a different testing place and have it tested also. What type of filtration system does it have?
  3. Hard to drive down the road with it that way though. we have a used spa dolley for sale.
  4. Anyone intersted in a spa dolley and or a boom truck for spa deliveries, please let me know as we need to sell them to relocate (boom truck is awesome by the way!)
  5. 5 year old sanitized water is bad enough, but this is just real bad. I think if I knew you and found out you were putting children into this water, i would report you. By the way, not only do people get sick and die from improperly maintained pools and hot tubs, they also do from lakes and ponds. Maybe you need to watch discovery channel once and awhile. I can not understand how in your mind you truely beleive a few hundred gallons of heated water can stay sanitary just for O2 being pumped in, what about quarries?
  6. ok, we will pick on you for turning the pumps on and getting soaked. Those of us in the industry have done it several times, we just dont want to admit it. I think you will find the bromine easy once you get into the swing. Happy tubbing!
  7. Maybe you should read other posts about people who got sick, or better yet follow the ozone manufactures directions. Ozone DOES NOT sanitize water, it helps to oxidize wastes. Just because your water is clear and smells ok, does not mean its safe. How many times have you seen beaches closed because the water has ecoli or other bad stuff, the water is clear and smells greatBUT, it can make you sick or even kill you. Maybe you need to do a little more research on ozone before you let small children into the water Search for children dying, or who get ill from water born illnesses. Call you ozone manufacturer and ask them if they think this is a good idea, they will tell you that you must keep a risdual of sanitizer such as chlorine or bromine in the tub. The CDC and doctors and such have no care if you buy chemicals or not, they are there for your safty and they are telling you just ozone is not safe.
  8. Are you sure the sound you are hearing is the vibration from the pump, or is the pump/bearings itself loud. If it is the actual pump, no amount of rubber will help.
  9. First, Living in New englad, I will say, seeing it myself, a good quality thick covers does not melt the snow as quickly as a cheap or junk cover. The science behind it is not relevant. Snow melting means yur losing heat. As far as leisure bay, we used to be a dealer. Never had much for warranty issues, but they are poorly insulated. Our customers up hear would used the foil backed foam boards as you were talking about, foil on both side, reflects heat back in and cold out. There are some that have higher r values, about an inch thick. They taped they on to the panels really well, butting them up next to each other as close as they could. They also placed pieces on the floor as well as they could. I would not spray foam on the shell, this will not help, you want the heat you are reflecting back into the tub to hit the shell to help keep the water warm. Being you are in a warm state, the cost of doing this may be more than what you save. The jets not working could be a couple of thing, these jets turn to go on and off, unless they are one of the smaller bullet jets. Try turning, if this does not work the juts do come out of the housing, there maybe junk blocking them. be careful taking them out, as they make break, and some of leisure bays jets are next to impossible to get now. You could also try using swirl away plumbing cleaner, which I would do anyway with a used tub. Hope this helps a bit.
  10. I would suggest you take some classes to learn about parts/repairs ect. or you could be in quite a mess, unless you are going to be like these furniture stores that just sell spas, send them out the door and when the customer calss, says they must call the manufacturer. IMO its not a field you should enter with no knowledge of what you are doing. You are talking about water/electricity and humans. You mess up and it may not be good. I would research where classes are available close to you. Several of the manufactures offer classes you can take, even if you are just selling, you should know and understand the parts or you will be no different than a customer going to the internet to seek their own parts, and you wont make any extra scratch trying to compete with the internet unless you have the knowledge to back what you are selling.
  11. try a hairdryer. If the breaker stayed on, then your breaker is fine, its in the control pack somewhere.
  12. Ahhh, I mstill do all the chemicals, then adjust the PH and ALK last, after the tub heats. Just my personal preference i guess.
  13. or you may have had a lot of CC, High chlorine demand does not always mean you need to decontaminate. If you do not use enough chlorine for your personal bather load and chlorine demand, over the week, the CC will build up, this is when the chlorine is working on oxidizing, not sanitizing, giving a low free chlorine reading. What was the CC reading. Shock it again to 10 and see if it comes back to normal, or you can try MPS to shock with.
  14. Calcium chloride has a PH of 8-9, how does it not effect the PH when added to the water???? I have always done CH first when filling tubs, and I dont use cheap chemicals, I use 100% calcium chloride, which has a PH of 8-9, which unless there is a chemical reaction when adding to water, would raise the ph??? What am I missing?
  15. With a CYA reading that high, you will have to keep a higher chlorine level, not the 1-2 you have been because high CYA makes chlorine less effective, the higher the CYA, the less sanitizing the chlorine is and the higher you have to keep your free chlorine. Clear water does not mean it is sanitized.
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