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  1. Hotsprings jetsetter heater problems

    You need to check the heater to ground. One probe in white or black and the other in the ground wire. Should read open. Any resistance and it's bad.
  2. 4 dashes on Caldera Aspire

    actually I just realized you said it was an Aspire. Unplug everything associated with the music system first. Then see what happens.
  3. 4 dashes on Caldera Aspire

    No, the hi limit is the one that is under the grey foam insulation located up against the heater....you can follow the wire from where it plugs into the control box. I doubt it's that though. They are incredibly reliable. More likely the control board.
  4. Hot Spring Sovereign Auxiliary Panel

    The one with the black cord is the new style and performs better.
  5. Hot Spring Sovereign Auxiliary Panel

    Either one. The top one is the older style and the bottom one is the newest version.
  6. 2002 Caldera Tahitian Wiring

    You need a double pole 30 and double pole 20. On the 30 amp gfci breaker there will be a seperate terminal for the neutral wire in addition to the two hot wires.
  7. 2009 Hotspring Jetsetter not heating

    I like beer. lol. That should do it then if the old one was chewed. You should be good for a while then with all of the new parts.
  8. 2009 Hotspring Jetsetter not heating

    Inspect the ribbon cable going from the control head to the board. Sometimes mice can chew threw one of the several wires in the cable and cause this.
  9. hotsprings vangard 2007

    It unscrews. Sometimes there is sand or grit in it and it's a little tough.
  10. Lost heat on my Caldera Martinique hot-tub

    Loose wire most likely. Probably wasn't far enough into the terminal.
  11. Tiger River Manora Trips Gfci

    You need to check one of the heater leads to ground and see if you get a reading. If so the heater is bad. If it reads open its good.
  12. Hot Springs Jetsetter Thermostat

    I can't remember the year but they stopped doing the ut1, 2 3,and 4 around that time. If it doesn't go any higher than 104 when you hit the + button then yours can't do it. First thing to do is check the water temp with a medical thermometer to see if it really is 100 or is it close to 104. If the temp really is 100 and the thermistors are good then the only other thing to do would be plugging in a new control head to see if it helps.
  13. Grandee Heating Problem

    If you definitely have flow from the circ pump then it's probably the pressure switch which is internal to the heater. You can check to see if the switch is opening and closing with a meter or you can put a jumper on the board where the pressure switch plugs in and see if the problem is corrected.
  14. Hotspring Sovreign Unusual Setup

    A sovereign I converted to 220v has 4 wires going to the terminal board and the jet pump runs on 110v. The Sovereign II has 5 wires and the jet pump runs on 220v. So it's not just a matter of moving jumpers, they are wired differently.
  15. Hotspring Sovreign Unusual Setup

    ...also, if the 9000 was overheating but the 6000 works fine and it is indeed a 220v only Sovereign model II then it's possible that it's wired wrong and the pump is only getting 110v. Check to see if it says Sovereign I or Sovereign II on the model number inside the compartment then compare to the same wiring diagram on the box cover.