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1999 Hot springs isn't heating


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Ok this tub has been a nightmare! I got it cheap and the man said there was A LEAK, not just 1 though, I ended up repairing 10-15 plus replaced 2 sides of jets. Doesn't leak, them circulation pump had to be replaced. It still does not heat! Pretty sure it's the board. ?

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Did you wire up the spa correctly?  Most 220v Hotspring spas use two breakers (20amp and 30 amp) instead of a single 50-amp breaker - a common thing I see is people who try to wire the tub to a single breaker like a traditional hot tub this can cause all sorts of issues with the tub.

Assuming it's wired correctly, does the circulation pump still work?  It's possible the tub is in protect mode - this can be caused by faulty temp sensor which is preventing the tub from accurately reading the temperature of the water.   In this scenario the heater will never kick on because the tub doesn't know what temp it's at.

If you know how to use a multimeter you can check the temperature sensor to see if it's reading within range, if not they are cheap and easy to replace.  That'd be the first thing I'd check out.... assuming the circ pump is actually working as intended.



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