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HIgh Alkalinity, Low ph

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I have had a 250 gallon hot tub for 3 months, we are useing dichlor for sanitizer. Water was Clear and chems balancned until we started shocking with non chlorine shock and adding "Spa Guard" treatments. Now the Alkalininty is about 250 and the ph is low, water has been cloudy. 

Two different pool shops have given us differing instructions from adding ph down to lower alk, to adding Borax... 


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Read the sticky thread in the chemistry section on the dichlor/bleach method. There are many other posts regarding ph/alk issues. Please read a few and come back with any questions. 

Get a good test kit, strips are unreliable, as are pool stores who often use strips.

Less is more in chemistry. If you don't need it, don't use it.

Drain and refill every 3 months.

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