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Help please need to move Spa from IL to FL

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Need some advice/suggestions please.

Our family has endured a tragedy the past few weeks and we now have to move a hot tub from Illinois to Florida.

Has anyone paid a service to move their hot tub across state lines and provide advice/suggestions on the most reasonable way to do this?

Spa is Hot Springs Gleam dimensions 7'7" x 9'2"

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I'd think long and hard about moving it.  I was quoted over $500.00 to move one I wanted to buy and it was only moving less than 20 miles total.  Apparently, in the movers mind, these are very delicate things and need the utmost care.  When I bought the one I have now, 4 of us picked it up, put it on a flatbed trailer and drove it over.  The electronics were still in it and moved the thing just fine.  I'd see if there was a way to do something like this (even if you have to put it in a u-haul).  If you pull the pumps and the control out, they really don't weigh as much as you might think (it's the water that weighs so much and since you're not taking that...LOL).

Just my experience.  BTW, I kept my old tub.  Didn't need to upgrade THAT much.  Good luck.

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