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Caldera Niagara Spa heater issue

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All appears well with the spa. No flow restrictions. Changed filter but the one I took out was spotless. Outside temps have been brutally cold for weeks. Then yesterday it was 60 degrees along with having 10 inches of snow on the ground. Everything outside was soaked from rain and high humidity. Also there was a transformer flash in the immediate area this morning about 2AM and the power went out for a few seconds. The 30 AMP breaker never tripped on the box. Now the temp light just blinks. The temp doesn't hold and the temp continues to go down. The water still flows thru the heater but its not hot.  Any suggestions? Thanks Paul





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Normally the flashing TEMP indicates a water flow problem.  It could be a clogged filter, bad pressure switch, air lock or bad temp sensor.  You say you replaced the filter - did you try running the tub without a filter in place?

Did the TEMP light blinking occur after the transformer flash?  You may have blown a replaceable fuse on the circuit board, or one of the boards may be damaged.  At least, it's worth a look.  Look for burns or soot on the circuit boards, especially at wire connections.

If your spa  has one, a heater relay board furn up is a frequent source of heater failure, although the flashing TEMP light isn't a typical symptom. 



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