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Kris Owen

West Coast Spa? Opinions?

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I am thinking about purchasing a West Coast Spa. I'm in a networking group with someone who is a dealer and I would like to honor him with my business, if he has a good spa. He is someone I trust and he has hand-picked this line for his business. I'm just doing the research right now. It looks like it has good large therapy jets. I do know somebody who bought one recently and they are happy but I thought I would check with you guys for your opinions. I don't think the shell is hand rolled and they do not clamp the plumbing but they say they have something else like they toy that goes over your fingers where you can't pull them apart. They do use good american parts from what I understand. Their price will be about 10,000+ for one of their top of the line 96x96 minus all the bells and whistles like Bluetooth.  http://www.westcoastspas.com/spas/havasu-3-0  The draw is also that I can custom design the tub with whatever Jets I want in whatever place I want. That's pretty cool. I'm looking strong therapy Jets for my muscles that will actually do a deep tissue massage. Their hot tubs do have good Jets from what I can tell. Their tubs have 2 5 horsepower pumps plus there's one tub a hair smaller, 86x86 with more jets that has an extra four horsepower pump on top of the 2 5 horsepower pumps. I live in Arizona just outside of Phoenix. Any thoughts?

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