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2 Month Old Pump Ringing

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Hey Everyone,

Approximately two months ago I replaced both pumps in my spa. One began to make a loud "ringing" sound which sounds like an old school fire alarm. After some digging online, I found that I could be due to incorrect wiring, however it seems to follow the diagram. The ringing did not happen when the pump was installed, and I just noticed it when I had the skirt off to replace some rotten plywood backing. Here is a video showing both the sound and the wiring along with the diagram. Any ideas would be highly appreciated! 



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Just now, dg98adams said:

Are you sure it's the motor? Can you put a screw driver on it and listen to the "ringing"?

The sound starts/stops with pump 2 being turned on and off. I made sure there is nothing touching the motor/wet end and even took it out of the mount to isolate that. 

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