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How Do You Fix An Inground Pool That Has Sat Empty For A Couple Year?

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audg11    0

HI everyone!

I have an inground pool at the house we moved into last summer and it didnt have a liner in it and our plan was to fix it this summer. Well my boyfriend is telling me he thinks it has sat to long without a liner in it now and its not savable? he says the sides are caving in. Can anyone give me any advice on weather it is a better idea to save the pool or get rid of it? and how much work and money would it take to fix it?

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Bugman1400    0

I have a liner pool that hasn't been replaced yet because it is in good shape. However, several of my neighbors have had their liner replaced to the tune of $2500. It takes a special expertise and a professional pool company to do. So, call your local reputable pool company and let them judge if the sides are too deformed. Even if they are, I'm sure that is something they can handle. I really doubt you would need the whole pool rebuilt.

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