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2005 Jetsetter Control Panel Problem

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I submitted a post on 6/21 about a problem I am having with my 2005 Hot Springs Jetsetter. The problem is that I cannot bring the temp. of the water down. It read UE-4 when I unplug and plug it back in. It has no digital reading after that. I am not able to bring the temp. down using the - button. I have opened the black electrical box inside and the green light is on for limit control and the red light comes on when the heater comes on. The jets work and the lights work. I have unplugged and plugged in the ribbon connection to the control panel from the electrical box. I have manually depressed the - and + buttons on the control face and they seem to have a spring but do not change the set temp. Any other ideas about what I can do here? If I need to replace the control head what would be a reasonable cost? I think I could order it and just plug it into the black electrical box inside the tub, correct? I am getting to know my tub pretty well, but I don't want to take on too much if I shouldn't. Your advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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Are you familiar with spa-lock? There are no locking icons anywhere, right?

If not, and you don't want to call a tech, the first thing we would do is remove the control head from the faceplate. It sounds as though one of the buttons on the faceplate may be depressing a switch on the control head, making it useless.

Remove the faceplate, try depressing the switches on the control head manually, and see if that fixes it. If it does, then just removing and cleaning the buttons, possibly replacing a spring or two will fix it.

If depressing the buttons manually still doesn't fix it, you'll need a new control head.

If you don't know how to remove the control head, it's a peice of cake. Remove the light cover on the faceplate, there are two screws behind it. Unscrew them, and then just wiggle the control head right out. The back cover will pop-off, and there are four screws near the corners that hold the control head to the faceplate. Remove them, and the tape that wraps around as well.

You now have access to the buttons on the control head, and can test the control head. The buttons on the faceplate get grimed up, and can get stuck, holding down a button on the control head, rendering it useless.

You will now be able to tell if the issue is with the control head, or faceplate.

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