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  1. nevermind. Didn't realize how old this was.
  2. It's been a while since I've hired someone to move a spa, but it's a service that a lot of movers offer (see here https://threemovers.com/moving-services/ )- at least last time I checked. As I recall, the prices varied quite a lot too so it's not a bad idea to get in touch with a couple options before making a decision. As for the going rate, that depends a lot on where and how far you're having it moved. Any companies that move spas should be willing to give you an estimate for free though.
  3. Happy belated bday! Hope you had a nice holiday - sounds like you got the recipe right!
  4. Sounds like it's fine as long as there's nothing in it that would clog the filter. See here https://hottubownerhq.com/would-a-bath-bomb-ruin-a-hot-tub/#
  5. Pretty much what I was going to say. I've never had much luck addressing issues with information in the manual, but that's why communities like this exist.
  6. I would think 12-14' would be sufficient in my experience.
  7. I was thinking the same re: hydrants. Like you I just used the hose. Took some time and I did it in shifts because I didn't want it running all night but it works out fine.
  8. I have this issue too. Only thing I've come up with is running the filter more often but I'd love to find out if there's a better fix if anyone has ideas.
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