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  1. Thank you so much for all of your help! The electrician came today and said exactly what you all had to say. I appreciate everyone's responses! Thanks again - you have definitely helped me on this board - Now wait until I need help with chemicals and such - I am sure I will be back with many more questions! LOL Jackie
  2. I am the one who purchased a 2001 Hotsprings Sovereign Classic that was a 110V. I have an electrician who is doing the 220V conversion and running the wiring for me. Here's my question - I went to an authorized Hotsprings dealer and purchased the 20/30 split breaker subpanel. This may be a dumb question, but is this the box that goes about 10 feet from the hot tub? Or, is this a box that goes inside the hottub cabinet? My father has a hottub and I know that at the end of his conduit, there is a breaker box, and from there the hottub wiring is connected. Is this THAT box? Is this subpanel that box, or is this something entirely different? I know wires need to be jumped (electrician is doing that), but I just want to know about this box. Thanks in advance! THANKS! Jackie
  3. Jacque1224

    Spa Moving Companies In Northern Nj?

    Just wanted to thank you both for your reply. I ended up finding a guy who will do it for 350 bucks. Not bad considering it is a 1 hour move. We are going with him. It is just too hard to arrange a group of people to meet at the same time and then attempt to move this thing. Two other places were 500 and 600 so I guess this is a deal! Thanks again, Jackie PS - I get the tub tomorrow - I am sure I will be back with LOTS more questions.
  4. Does anyone know of any reasonably priced spa moving companies in Northern NJ? And also, what is the going rate? I called two spa dealerships so far, and one said 500 to move it one hour and another said minimum 450. Can you all tell me what a going rate is? Also, do regular moving companies move spas? Thanks! Jackie
  5. What would you say is a fair amount to spend for a HS Sovereign Classic hot tub - 2001. My husband and I seem to think two completely different amounts. Thanks in advance. Jackie
  6. Thanks again for everyone's help. I am new at this and want to be sure I am somewhat informed! So basically you think the conversion is easy to do? How much does it cost for the full conversion, running a 220V line, etc.? Also, what are the exact parts I will need? How will I know what needs to be done? Sorry to be so full of questions - I know you all have probably answered this one 100 times. Jackie
  7. I am in NY. So it gets pretty cold up here. June-Aug are nice (hot) but from Sept-April its normally pretty chilly. So, do you recommend going the 220V route?
  8. Jacque1224

    2000 Caldera Geneva - Utopia Series

    Wow, thanks for your help. So basically around 3K. Thank you again.
  9. I am tossing around the idea of purchasing a 2000 Caldera Geneva - Utopia Series hot tub and would like to know what you all think is a fair amount to spend. It has only had one owner and new it was 8,000.00. How much would you spend for this used? It is in excellent condition, with only the cabinet needing to be restained. Thanks in advance, Jackie
  10. I have the opportunity to purchase a 2001 HS Sovereign Classic for 1500.00. It is a 110V, and I have heard that 220V is the better way to go. Is it possible to convert the component/heater and whatever else to make it a 220V hot tub? What all would need to be changed and about how much would this cost me? Thanks in advance, Jackie