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  1. Anyone have either a 280 or 495 spa and do you like it or opinions please! Thx
  2. I too have been looking at spas in Ventura ca. I looked at a bullfrog X8 I think it was. I liked it but it didn’t have a couple features I wanted. I think I’m gonna go with a Jacuzzi to 80 hours I like the price and I like that it’s a larger one. Let me know what dealers you’re dealing with will see if we could compare notes.
  3. I’m looking into buying one of the spas but they’re not available until December/January. I’m wondering if anybody that has one how do you like it and does the engine run pretty good for your swimming? Do you find it deep enough to do your swimming? Thank you
  4. I am Luis looking at a Jacuzzi 280. I also like the bullfrog. Both in the same price range both offered about the same things but I went for the Jacuzzi because it was closer to me.
  5. Hi. I’m looking into buying a title fit. Can you give me any suggestions or if you think it’s worth some money or should I consider a different brand? Right now the wait is until January but you have to order now. Would you get another one? Thanks so much
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