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  1. Great feed back👍 Thank you! I’m curious what spa is the most comfortable to sit in.Hot Springs,Sundance or,Bullfrog?
  2. I believe almost every brand is available in my area.The local Bullfrog dealer wont budge on price.The dealer in Ventura ca 200 miles away will discount the spa but he Can’t sell in another dealers area.I just started looking at the Vanguard by hot springs and really like it.The dealer who offers this brand has been in business 20 plus years I’m sure they have solid reputation.I might have to wait a year for the demand to pull back a little to get the deal Im looking for which I feel is very reasonable offer.
  3. I’m lookIng into to purchasing a therapeutic hot tub for my Family and lower chronic back pain.Give me your top three spas in the 9k price range.I’m open to all suggestions. Thank You! @rdspaguy. @castletonia Hot Springs?
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