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  1. I have had my Jetsetter LX for a little over 4 months. I wrote a pretty detailed review here if you want to read it and it answers a lot of FAQs. I paid right at $10,000 for mine which included a really generous startup kit and also spa steps. I took delivery in April but bought it about 8 months before that. But $12.5K seems a bit steep over what I paid. I strongly advise you get the saltwater option. I love mine! I wrote all about it in the article above but suffice it to say I barely do anything besides test weekly and the water is as clear and balanced as it can be. My old hot tub was ozinator/bromine and it was a PITA the keep the water balanced. My salt cell cartridge has been working for 18 weeks now and still doesn't need replacing yet. P.S. When i was in the shopping phase I also looked at that Catalina. It is garbage! I recommend you get the Jetsetter. Close seconds are jacuzzi and Bullfrog but stay away from Catalina. They are the guys that have those hot tub sales in the parking lots of shopping malls.
  2. I ended up getting the Jetsetter LX. I posted my 4 month review here and also answered a lot of FAQs. Check it out
  3. My Jetsetter LX with the freshwater system will be delivered next week. After reading this thread is it safe to assume I need to use a cleaner to purge it first? I hadn't heard of ahh some but have heard about the Spa marvel cleaner. Which is better? Also, what should be included with my tub besides the cover and the startup kit? I have read that some people get chemical supplies for a year. How many salt cartridges for example, just the one? I still have time to bargain a bit so I want to make sure I am getting everything I should with the tub.
  4. I ordered my new Jetsetter LX 8 months ago and it has finally arrived. Yay! It is largely due to advice here that I went with a Hot Springs from a local dealer vs. a factory direct online. I also know many of you are against saltwater but my dealer is really pushing me towards that and promises he would swap to ozone anytime within 6 months for free if I am not happy. I also realize he knows I will have to buy those salt cartridges only from him so that is a big incentive, But I really want to give saltwater a chance for a few other reasons of my own. Anyway, they will be delivering it soon after I can get an electrician to swap out my old GFCI. This is not my first hot tub but it is my first by Hot Springs with saltwater so I have a few questions. 1) Are those silver cartridges that need replacing every 4 months worth it? Do they really add anything of value to water purity? 2) Any tips or tricks to get the salt cartridges to last more than 4 months through cleaning or anything else? I think I read somewhere about cleaning them once a month when you clean filters can help. I know that good water chemistry is essential to even reach 4 months. 3) What is your weekly or monthly routine for adding chlorine, shock, or anything else. 4) Since it is a brand new tub should I fill it and use a cleaner like the one from Spa Marvel to remove crud that might have gathered at factory? Would my dealer do that before delivery or is that unheard of? Or should I just fill it up and start using it? 5) I was also curious about using ionRX which is copper based instead of the silver cartridge which would be much cheaper. I also used to use a copper solution (different brand) with my last hot tub along with chlorine and it worked well. I wrote the company and here is their reply. "many clients use ionrx in conjunction with salt systems. You just need to make sure your salt system can keep the chlorine level low enough...around 1 ppm. Regarding the silver...it will work in conjunction with ionrx but not necessary. Our original formula used silver with copper but we realized it didn't add much in regards to performance and added a great deal to the cost." Does a chlorine level around 1ppm with copper sound like a good idea? Any other tips or suggestions from you Hot Spring saltwater veterans is appreciated. Most of the guides on here are for ozone based systems so I would love to hear from another Hot Spring owner with a saltwater system for any advice they can offer.
  5. Thank you. That is exactly the answer I needed.
  6. After around 8 months of waiting for delivery it looks like my Jetsetter LX should arrive within around a month. I currently have a GFCI box I had installed for my previous spa which is a 240/60 box. I can provide picts or more details if requested. I noticed on the Hot Spring specs for my new spa that it requires a G.F.C.I. Protected sub-panel at 230v/50amp, 60Hz. Luckily the new tub includes a new GFCI sub-panel but I wanted to ask if my current one is compatible. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I have no idea. 2nd question: If it needs to be replaced with the new one, how much should I expect to pay for an electrician to do that? I realize that varies greatly from region to region, but I would love a ballpark figure so I can at least know what to expect and also try to avoid getting screwed. Also, if it needs to be replaced is it a better idea to have an electrician swap out the new GFCI box at the same time he comes out to wire my new tub? Or to go ahead and swap it now? The reason I ask is the dealer said he could provide me with a new box now if I wanted to go ahead and install it before the tub arrives. But that would mean 2 trips for an electrician instead of one which would probably be more expensive. I am just not sure how long something like this takes so I thought I would ask the experts here.
  7. I am thinking of getting a Jetsetter LX with the Freshwater Salt system. Thanks for this post. Would any of you who have had the system consider posting a step by step of do's and don't for setting up and maintaining this system along with any other tips you might have? We need a stickie to help other Freshwater salt owners to avoid those types of mistakes. I know those salt cartridges are supposed to be replaced every 4 months but I have heard they can last 5 or even 6 months. Is that true? At $100 each that can add up. But I also know that ozonatators might need to be replaced after around 3 years and they can cost close to $300. I also like the fact that water only needs refilling once a year vs. 2 or 3 in traditional spas. Are you also using those silver cartridges? Any info and tips appreciated because I keep going back and forth trying to decide between salt or fresh water systems.
  8. OK thanks. Once all the local dealers actually get some in stock that I can go look at again I will be better able to make a choice. Hopefully I can at least do a dry test if not wet one. I don't think it matters what I choose because it looks like I will be waiting a long time to get anything and also without any manufacturer rebates or sales. I wish I had bought last year and not waited. But hindsight ...20/20 yada yada.... Final question, I've heard some people recommended putting a piece of polycarbonate panel or other types of mats under the base between the bottom of the tub and and cement patio for added protection. My patio is elevated above ground by 6 inches so most rain will just drain off but I do worry about small amounts that can lead to wood rot on the bottom. Any truth to that? Or just sit it directly on the concrete. My old tub rotted at the base so that is a concern.
  9. I will be the only one using it 98% of the time and the other 2% would only be 1 other person. I will never have more than 2 people in at a time. Also limited space even if I wanted a bigger tub due to where my patio sits. Unfortunately neither wet nor even dry testing is an option at the moment because of no stock at local dealers and also because of Covid they have stopped allowing that (At least temporarily) I am not in a huge rush and I will insist on at least a dry test before I buy locally at least. Powerful jets are a big factor for me though because I want deep tissue like massage not just a relaxing soak. I have never sat in a Hot tub by any brand where I thought the jets were too strong.
  10. Thanks for that link. I figured he was tied to the makers he recommended in some form. But he did make one point that seems valid. Balboa has a very good reputation and I worry about being locked in to proprietary parts from Jacuzzi or Hot Springs that may be of lower quality than Balboa and also more expensive. Once you buy a brand with proprietary you are locked with parts for that brand for life. Of course I am talking about after the warranty expires. Do you think I should add the criteria of a well-built spa that includes easily available and replaceable OEM parts? I took a look at all the brands he recommended at the only one I liked was the PDC Carmel. It seems to be well built with a hand rolled shells that support their own weight and use all balboa inside. Insulation isn't a big deal for me since I live in Georgia and we rarely get cold weather. It is not as flashy as my other top choices but it is at a much lower price point so it is very tempting. Stellar Spas seem to be selling this same tub under an off market brand. Exact same specs at a much lower cost. Not being able to wet or even dry test any tub because of no stock and Covid makes choosing a lot more difficult. But I am not going to impulse buy barring some big sale which doesn't look likely. The PDC is just curbside delivery but I could have that delivered to a local moving company and they quoted me $160 to deliver it to my patio. But then I would not have a local dealer support for any issues.
  11. I just got my patio finished today. Hooray! So I am ready to buy. As I said earlier I chose those particular 3 brands because they have dealers near me. But I also learned that Marquis also has a dealer that serves my area and I have heard you guys say good things about that brand. I am starting to take another look at that Bullfrog X5L model which is the cheapest by far at $6,285. This jet packs don't really impress me on the R and A series models and I don't really see much difference with the R5L which cost $2,100 more. By the way, any thoughts about Chris Wheatley at the Hot Tub U website? He doesn't think much of any of the brands I have to choose from. His top choices are "Artesian, Twilight, Garden spas, getaway spas, elite, Master, Healthy Living, Clarity, PDC, Coast (pending factory inspection), and then a bunch of fringe guys like Bullfrog, Beachcomber, Nordic, Marquis (undergoing factory revamp and having issues right now)" None of those are options for me besides Bullfrog and Marquis because no other dealers near But he put both Hot Spring and Jacuzzi in the worst category. Just wondering if you guys think much of his opinion.
  12. I was mainly worried about rain and it puddling up on the patio but it is going to be 6 inches deep and well above the ground so no worries. Excess water should just fall off, I am also going to put a roof over the patio to give more protection from the elements for my hot tub.
  13. Thanks. That helps a lot. I want the strongest jets possible which is a major factor in my decision. Going by specs alone the Jacuzzi seems to have less power. Unfortunately I will not be able to wet test any of the 3 brands which is why I need all the help I can get to decide. The one plus for the Jacuzzi is the parts after the warranty goes out. I have heard Hot Springs is more proprietary in their parts and therefore harder and more expensive to repair after the warranty runs out.
  14. OK thanks. I was just worried about water drainage since it will be level without any slope.
  15. Hi, I am getting estimates for my new patio for my 3 seater hot tub. It's going to be about 10x8 feet. The hot tub will measure around 7x5.5 so I think that it big enough. Besides the patio being level and at least 4 inches thick or more is there anything else I need to request? I was concerned about water drainage so he gave me two options. Here is his quote if I pay cash. $1095 Concrete pad only $1215 including Cut lines $1450 with 2 drain and pipes
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