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  1. Thanks. That helps a lot. I want the strongest jets possible which is a major factor in my decision. Going by specs alone the Jacuzzi seems to have less power. Unfortunately I will not be able to wet test any of the 3 brands which is why I need all the help I can get to decide. The one plus for the Jacuzzi is the parts after the warranty goes out. I have heard Hot Springs is more proprietary in their parts and therefore harder and more expensive to repair after the warranty runs out.
  2. OK thanks. I was just worried about water drainage since it will be level without any slope.
  3. Hi, I am getting estimates for my new patio for my 3 seater hot tub. It's going to be about 10x8 feet. The hot tub will measure around 7x5.5 so I think that it big enough. Besides the patio being level and at least 4 inches thick or more is there anything else I need to request? I was concerned about water drainage so he gave me two options. Here is his quote if I pay cash. $1095 Concrete pad only $1215 including Cut lines $1450 with 2 drain and pipes
  4. I have 220 box already installed from my last Hot Tub. The Hot Spring dealer though told me it comes with it's own box and would need to replace the one I have. So that might factor into the final cost because Jacuzzi dealer told me they can use the one I already have. Even though the new box is included I will need to have an electrician install it. But I am leaning towards the Jetsetter LX though I haven't seen the Jacuzzi in person since they are out of stock.
  5. Hi, I posted a few weeks back and got some good replies. At that time I couldn't really buy because I had to get rid of my old Hot Tub and tear down the small wood deck it was on. I have finally done that and now contacting people to pour a concrete patio. As soon as that is done I will be ready to buy. I am not in a big hurry though so if any of these brands tend to run sales in certain months please let me know. I have narrowed my search based on dealers in my area. Here are my choices Jacuzzi J-315 runs at $9160 and that includes a cover, a chemical start up kit, delivery, & set up. Bull frog A5L $10,149 R5L $8,353 X5L $6,285 Hotsprings Jetsetter LX runs around $9500 and the regular Jetsetter is around $8500. Has salt or freshwater options. I need to learn more about the differences between the Bullfrog A5L and R5L, not sure how they differ. I plan to do a wet test on all 3 before I buy but just thought I would ask you guys what you think about these 3 brands in terms of warranty, durability, quality of parts and construction, things I wouldn't know just by looking at specs and do a wet test. Those intangibles. Between those models listed which would you likely buy? Thanks in advance for your help. Edit: I can't do a wet test because all 3 dealers are sold out and also because of Covid. Hot Springs says 26 week lead time and Jacuzzi said around January if I order now. Not sure about Bullfrog. Also looks like all promotions or specials are cancelled due to backlog and high demand. I am wondering if it might not be smart to order now and lock in current prices and get in line rather than risk a price hike next year.
  6. I have since learned that the Jetsetter LX has a choice between ozone and salt. I didn't know that when I posted above. The dealer recommends salt so I have time to think about it since I haven't even got rid or my old spa or torn down the deck and layed a cement slab yet.
  7. Yeah I emailed the dealer and will paste his reply. I also asked him about that dichlor method and he wasn't too keen on that. From Dealer " I was really looking forward to going with saltwater but it looks like due to costs and advice here I will go traditional.
  8. That's good to know. I didn't realize you had the option not to use saltwater in the Jetsetter LX. But I'm guessing the Ozonator is not standard and it is an upgrade. I thought the controller and everything else was set up to only use saltwater. That is good to know and thanks for letting me know what you use. I will email the dealer and see what he thinks. It's not only a cost issue but my worries about corrosion. I wonder how much the Ozonator upgrade cost?
  9. I have narrowed down my search for a new tub to the Hotspring Jetsetter LX which is saltwater and the Bullfrog R5L. But I just got a quote from a the Jacuzzi dealer for the J-215 for $6800 so I will need to go check them out before I decide. I'm waiting for the J-315 quote. I really thought I wanted to try a saltwater system but I read an article and it did give me pause. I also had a bit of sticker shock with those $100 salt cartridges that need to be replaces every 4 months. I have to think going freshwater is a lot cheaper annually for sanitization. I would love to hear from you pros and users who own and use a saltwater system. Are the arguments in this article valid? I realize it was written by a competitor so is jaded. If you own a Hot Spring, Caldera, or other brand with saltwater would you do it over again?
  10. So it looks like I can expect about $400 annually for sanitizing with the Hot Spring. What could I expect to pay annually for the Bullfrog R5L ? I realize that depends on a lot of factors and which chemicals I use. Just a rough estimate to keep the water nice and clean.
  11. Thanks. I was confused because it looked similar and also needed to be changed every 4 months. This must be what you are talking about. Salt Cartridge I noticed that is a 3 pack. So when my dealer said replacements would cost $100 did he mean for a 3 pack? That isn't bad because that is only $100 for treating the water for a year. But if he meant they would cost $100 each or $300 for that 3 pack then that seems excessively expensive.
  12. Thanks. Before I even began my research I was leaning towards salt water and after talking to the dealer today he sold me on that system. (I realize other brands can as well but Hot Springs seems to have the best system) I also like the fact that parts will be very easy to find for years to come which is important. I loved my last HT but the company called Sun Spas went out of business so I was on my own after that. That won't happen (I hope) with Hot Spring. But I am confused about this cartridges not being available online. These seem to be identical (Hotspring freshwater Ag Sanitizer) to the one the showed me today and it says made for Hot Spring Jetsetter. Is this something else from the $100 part the dealer mentioned?
  13. I just got back from all my errands and decided to visit three dealers. The Jetsetter LX was being sold at 9,400 with the regular model about 1,000 less. I liked the tub but when he told me that the salt water cells have to be replaced every 4 months and cost $100 each that threw me for a loop. I doubt if I ever paid more than $60 a year with old HT with an ozonator using Bromide and shock and PH balancer. Are these cells much cheaper online because an added cost of $300 a year is a bit much. Next I went to the Bullfrog dealer. He quoted me A5L $10,149 R5L $8,353 and X5L $6,285. The last place was more for a swimming pool place that had Hot Tubs on the side selling the Clearwater brand. The Evergreen series runs from $7,395 to &7,995 depending on options. I liked the Hot Spring and Bullfrog though I wish the Jetsetter had more jets.He told me that my current GFCI box probably wouldn't work since the Hotspring required 2 connections but that the tub included a new box. The Bullfrog dealer only had one model of the Bullfrog on display because they were nearly sold out so I'm not sure how those 3 models compare. But it looked very comfortable and I am sure I would be satisfied with any of them. Overall it was a valuable trip because I also got to ask for contacts for laying the cement patio after I tear down my deck and also mentioned if they knew people to haul away my old one. By the way, have you guys heard of Thermospas? I was wondering how you would rate them. (EDIT) I think I found those silver cartridges that need to be replaced every 4 months on the Jetsetter and they list for only $31. I was leaning towards the Jetsetter so that might just seal the deal. Now to the hard work of prepping my site. Thanks for the help guys. It looks like you sold me on Hotspring.
  14. Thanks for the replies they have been very helpful. Used is not an option I want to consider otherwise I would just pay to have mine fixed. I want one with a full warranty. I also just want to treat myself since my car will shortly be paid off so I'll have an extra $750 a month to splurge. I have the money to buy a premium brand I was just hoping to save a few bucks, but your cases for buying from a dealer and to buy a reputable brand are strong. Locally my choices are between the Hotspring Jetsetter or Jetsetter LX and the Bullfrog A5L, R5L, and X5L. Those seem to be the only 3 person models. I will visit the Hotspring today and Bullfrog later since they are in opposite directions from my house. I know there is room for negotiation on price, so could some of you pros help me out by giving me a good estimate on a fair price I should pay? It's hard to negotiate when you don't know how much those models are being sold for elsewhere or their dealer price. I understand they need a fair profit margin but I also want to get the best price I can as everyone does. And to the comment I made on jet power setting. It has been over 2 years since I used my old HT but I remember it having 2 maybe 3 settings on jet flow. High ,medium and low jet flow I think but you might be right and it was only high flow and low. Then it had other options like a constant stream of water or slow intermittent bursts and another with faster intermittent every few seconds which was called massage mode or something similar. Hope that makes sense. But I have been in Hot Tubs where the jets were weak I hated that. I want the jets to be as strong as possible. My old HT had a 4.5 HP pump and it was strong and I want the new one as strong or stronger jet flow. I used the lounger position more than the seats and I loved that because it had jets for upper and lower back, your right side, legs, and feet so you are getting pummeled with 10 jets all at once. The hot hub has a total of 32 jets with one seat having 9 for back and a few for feet and the other chair with fewer jets for back. You could also easily open or close the valves to increase or decrease flow to other seating positions with a lever or close the individual jets by turning them off. So that is essential in my new hot tub that the lounger has a similar layout for lounger jets. One other question for you pros is the type of sanitation system. This article suggest Ozonators are a waste of money. Do you agree with that article and I should forgo an ozonator? I then have a choice between salt, chlorine, or bromide. I would love to try salt if that is an option but my main concern is shortening the life of the internal plumbing from corrosion. I use bromide in my last HT so I am familiar with that.
  15. I live in a small city with only 2 dealers. One sells Bullfrog and the other Hotspring so it would have to be choice between those two brands if I want to buy locally. Atlanta is 90 miles away and they have every brand but that defeats the point of having someone nearby for aftercare help if needed. I am visiting both shops tomorrow to have a look.
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