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  1. Poolee

    truck as pool?

    Other people do a makeshift pool using their truck parts But that really isn't a good idea since it can damage the truck. Anyway, I found a video about recycled shipping containers created as backyard swimming pools. It's called as Modpool. It has jets, lighting, and temperature that can be controlled by an app on a smartphone. The 8-by-20-foot pool is priced at $26,900. What do you think of this?
  2. Poolee

    Weeping tile

    Better to fix the tiles
  3. Poolee

    Swim Spa Covers DIY

    any pictures?
  4. Both are great options but choose one that suits you. Like what jeremyh said, purchase from a dealer that offers good service
  5. Poolee

    Vita Spa Prestige advice

    following this thread. any updates?
  6. Poolee

    Serious alkalinity!

    Try to read on this: http://www.havuz.org/pool_pool/pool_maintenance/water_testing/total_alkalinity.htm
  7. I think swimming can be categorized as a form of cardio