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  1. Update. I did prime the pumps to try and get any air out, but it seems like there was plenty of water coming out, and I didn't hear the hiss I was expecting from a possible air block. I also checked the shaft of pump one and it wont turn. It has a little corrosion on it, but was assured by the previous owner that it worked up until the day I got it. I'm wondering if I need to replace the motor? Do I take it out and check it by hand? I can hear in PR mode it try to click on but it doesn't turn.... I found this, would need the 56FR version... http://bathandspaparts.com/djaygb-315
  2. Good Stuff... I just bought a used 2006 H2x and will be building from scratch a hot tub cover. I will post pics when done.
  3. Has anyone ever made their own cover? I'm thinking about using some double stacked 2" foam and luan, wrapped in a UV coated Vinyl. All the websites I've seen are outrageously priced, and I can't seem to find anyone in Louisville KY under $1000. Any good sites for this sort of thing? Any help is appreciated
  4. Hello all, looking for help getting my 2006 H2X Master Spa working. I'm new to having a spa tub, but a pretty crafty guy. Here's the situation: Moved the tub from Indy to Louisville, KY. Got it placed and electric hooked up. Filled it and for the first week nothing came on, finally realized I had the breaker terminated wrong. Got it working today,(it's 30 degrees here), and I'm trying to make sure nothing's frozen and/or broken. Looks like all the pipes are ok although I have a little leakage from one of the shut off valves from pump 2 but it seems to be running fine and circulating
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