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  1. Hi folks, I am here for some suggestions on the dumpster bin. Earlier, we used the dumpster bin to dump all the waste in it. But recently the municipality has started collecting the waste and it is easy for us to dispose of the waste. So was thinking of recycling dumpster bin. While surfing online for some reusing techniques, I stumbled across an article http://www.redbins.ca/4-amazing-pools-made-dumpster-bins/ which suggests that the dumpster bin can be used for creating pools. Has anyone ever tried this before? Please let me know and share your thoughts too. Thanks.
  2. Hii all, I hope everyone is doing well. I am working and I usually don’t get enough time to exercise and do workouts. I am not that slim and I am keen on losing some weight. I feel like I am losing my self-esteem and confidence a lot and now I am thinking of doing some workouts. I didn’t take it seriously before but now I do. I have a pool at home. While surfing online for some tips I came across this article http://www.soldapools.com/blog/swimming/7-health-benefits-swimming/ and found it to be interesting. After reading this I was quite surprised and now I am thinking of using it. My main problem is belly fat and I tried many methods before but nothing worked out. Since I spent many hours a day on my computer my health is getting affected. This would also be the reason why my belly fat has increased. I would like to hear your suggestions and advice on this. Please help me with this and thanks in advance.
  3. Yeah, I am looking for the same.
  4. Yeah agree with you Thelma and take care of your grandma.
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