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  1. A basic Spa Eclipse ozonator is about $90.00. A high output MCD-50 is about $140.00. I would not pay a couple of hundred dollars more for something that doesn't cost a couple of hundred dollars all by itself.
  2. They are both top brands. You can't go wrong with either. I would choose the Jacuzzi, but I own a J-345, so I'm biased. I bought mine used, so the warranty was not a factor. I'd buy another one without hesitation. They don't have the most jets or all of the glitzy features, but if you want therapy, they're great.
  3. Do Caldera spas have a drain that has to be pulled out to open, like the one on my Jacuzzi? If so, maybe he didn't pull it out all the way.
  4. I wouldn't need a pump if my tub had a 1.5" drain.
  5. I was a bromine user for years until I found this forum and the chlorine method referenced here. I'll never go back to bromine. I am going to add Nature2 soon to drop the chlorine a little more.
  6. Apparently, Cal Spas recently have a bad reputation concerning their GE pumps/motors and poor warranty service with their dealers. I'm not suggesting that you look for a used Cal Spa. I would focus on Jacuzzi, D1, Marquis, Hot Springs, and Sundance.
  7. You got ten years out of your last used spa with minimal service, why not try it again?
  8. I've been using it all month, the 6% unscented. I can't tell any difference. It's not the 50 cents, it's that they were out of Clorox.
  9. I have a Jacuzzi J345, and I'm very happy with the tub and my Jacuzzi dealer.
  10. You have to prime the SpaVac to make it work, and when you're done, you have to pump the water out. So I guess there might be 20 seconds and a half a calorie of extra work to use it.
  11. I use a Spa Vac. There's really nothing to wear out, and you can use it outside of the tub. http://www.spadepot.com/shop/Spa-Pool-Pump-Vac-P9438C1.aspx
  12. I would fill the tub and check for leaks before doing the decon.
  13. I would offer them $2K. It's still a 3+ year old used tub. I bought a used Jacuzzi for $1800 when the buyer wanted $2900. There is nothing about that manufacturer, who also makes Jacuzzi tubs, that predispose them to leaking. IMO leaks are mostly due to owner abuse, i.e. exposure to freezing conditions, chemical imbalance, etc. I would ask a lot of questions, and insist on wet testing it. Check the heater's ability to heat to 104 degrees (the maximum). Download the owner's manual and go through the topside controls and check every function. Check every jet, especially the moving jets, for function. Take off the front panel and check the inside for water, noisy pumps, etc. Others here with more experience may have more ideas. Good luck.
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