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  1. Hello, I am in the processing of changing the water in my Hot Spring tub. It has the Salt ACE system and I need to add 7.5 cups of salt. My nearest dealer is over an hour away and I need salt. The HOT SPRINGS ACE salt that I normally purchase says it consists of - 99.9%S Sodium Chloride. Question: I am ok to go to my local grocery store and just purchase bulk table salt? My dealer said this would be fine, but wanted to make sure! Thank you!
  2. Hello, I am getting ready to purchase new filters for my Hot Spring Vanguard. Amazon has Pleatco filter for alot less $ than the HS filters. Anyone have any opinions on aftermarkets filters? Pleatco? This could be quite a savings since I have 5 filers, but want to make sure these are good functional filters Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply The Spa surface is not slimy at all - the temp has been around 100 degrees and the kids have used the tub approx once a week. I know I should be balalncing the water and i will in the future when i install the salt cell - just very suprised at how my water and tub are doing with only shocking periodically.
  4. Hello, I have a HS Vanguard with the salt ACE system - a couple months ago my cell quite working (thank you Hot Springs for sending me a new cell), as they do go bad. Because I do not use my tub in the warm summer months much and the fact that these cells have a limited life span, I decided to wait to replace my cell until the cold weather hit. I posed the question on this forum about not balancing my water chemistry and just shocking forl the couple months until I replace the cell. I was told that I should still balance my water for sure for many reasons! Balancing the water was my plan, but due to my work schedule, vacations, kids sports and my drinking problem (joking), i didnt have get to it. I ended up just shocking the water once a week or so. Well, I am about to replace the cell and get ready for the busy winter usage, but I have to say that I am really questioning the need to spend all the money on chemicals and to balance the water. My water is currently crystal clear and has been for well over 2 months. The tub did get used a small amount by the kids and we had zero skin/rash issues. I am sure I will not be too popular with people that make a living selling all these chemicals to make sure water is 100% perfect, but I am really questioning if all this time, money and work is really necessary. I am thinking a ozonator and some shock once a week and boom - good to go! Please help me understand why I may be way off base here! Thanks Tubber (I just saved a couple hundred bucks in chemicals) McGee
  5. Thanks again - I was thinking of putting NO chemicals in the tub and not worrying about balancing PH and Alkalinity since we will not be using the tub - My concern was if this could cause any damage to the tub or part inside? I guess I could just drain the tub for the summer and replace the cell in the fall when we use the tub on a regular basis!!!
  6. Thanks for the reply - so am I fine to NOT add chemicals and just shock once in a while due to no use or are you saying I should be balancing my water by purchasing other chemicals? which I would rather not do!!
  7. Hello, I have a 2010 Hotspring Vanguard. I recently had to get a replacement Cell for my Salt/Ace System. Because we do not use the tub in the hot summer months much and the fact that the Cell that produces the chlorine only has so much life, I was thinking of replacing the Cell in the fall, prior to heavy use in order to get more life out of the cell. What this means - For the next 3 summer months we would have a working tub with a failed Cell (which means no chlorine is being produced). I do shock the tub ever so often. Question - would this hurt my tub at all? pipes - motors - pumps??? I am OK to wait or should I just go ahead a replace now? Thanks
  8. THANK YOU SWINE - you just saved me a $149 service charge - I owe you a drink
  9. Hello, I need to have my ACE cell replaced (thanks Watkins/HotSpring/Lifestyles) for taking care of this) and was wondering if anyone or any techs could tell me how hard this is. My dealer will come out and replace for a service charge, but I am thinking this may be a pretty easy task - even for someone like me with no mechanical skills!?!?! Any advice - pay the service fee or try myself - please help! Thanks
  10. Hello, My Hot Spring tub is getting picked up by my dealer in a couple days to be looked at for a small leak. I am busy with work during the week so yesterday I wanted to prepare the tub for pick by disconnecting the wires and draining to tub. For some reason my drain tube at the bottom of my tub was not working - it ended up having a couple inches of ice in the end of the tube - I had to take care of by pouring in hot water - Is this normal. I live in Michigan and the temps have been in the 20's and 30's. After draining about 2/3's of my tub - I decided to wait because I was worried about the water in the lines and pumps etc....and read my manual on winterization question - my tub is getting picked up in 2 days - - would the water in the tub (1/3) stay hot enough to keep my lines from freezing for two days? then just finish draining on day of pick up. Or should I completely drain tub - If I do that do I need to blow the lines? Thanks for help! Bob
  11. Hello, How much water do you lose per week due to condensation or usage. In Michigan, our temps recently started to dip in the 30's at night. In last couple of weeks I have losing about 1/2 inch a week (400 gallon tub) with minimal use. So, I have to top off the water about every week. Just wondering if I may have a small leak or this is normal!?!? As always - thanks! Tubber
  12. Dan, if it is a small bleed line - any reason why it is No longer leaking? Thks for your help
  13. Roger. The tub is currently running and tub is up to temp - I never drained it and shut it down with out power! Checked again tonight and water level is fine. Starting to think have a bad ozonator may have caused the leak.
  14. Thanks Roger, My ozonator line recently became clogged with a chalky substance - so my dealer came and serviced my tub and just disconneted the ozonator as I have the ACE salt system and they both are not needed together. I would assume that the tub was disconnected from the power source when the tech was doing the service of unhooking the ozonater. But - still baffled on where it leaked from and/or how turning off the power could have done this? Or I was thinking did the leak have anything to do with my ozonator issue??!?!?!?
  15. Hello, I have a three year old Hot Spring Vanguard. After changing my tub water about a month ago I noticed it was leaking - I would lose approx half the tub water in about a week - so it was a noticeable leak. After trying to fix any obvious problems - I called my dealer for a service call. My service tech came out and determined that they would need to come pick up the tub - take back to their warehouse and dig thru the foam to locate the leak. They said it may take a few weeks to get out to pick up the tub. The leaks continued for a few weeks. I would periodically refill the tub - it lost half its water a few times. So, now the confusing part - the tub has not been looked at or worked on for about 2 weeks and I have lost ZERO water. Its like the leak went away!!!! I'm dumbfounded! Any advice on what happened and/or if I should still have them look at it!! Signed Baffled in Michigan!
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