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  1. HH code and temp over 120

    No opinions? I was hoping that once cooled down the gates would go back to normal size but they have not. Just constant dripping from every connection. The gate valves look to all need replacing. Is it possible to remove the PVC connection from the flex hose?
  2. HH code and temp over 120

    I have a claspa from 08. It's a good sized one. We have had almost zero issues until last year. Heater went out in October, ordered heater and installed sadly after first freeze. Luckily I drained and used rv antifreeze. Only minor damage. Now for today. We had a power supply issue around lunch. Everything in the house with a display was blinking PF. So after looking around noticed the hot tub cover inflated? Went out to check and the heat coming off was unreal. I popped the cover and steam poured out. Display read HH. Could not touch the water. Pulled the access panel and saw the gate valves all deformed and leaking. I pulled the breaker, left the cover open the last 3 hrs. Still can't touch the water. So I'm thinking heater/controller and maybe a pump and all new gate valves. Is this even worth fixing or should I just get a new one. Being 8-9 years old. Also would it have enough residual value to try to go for homeowners ins? If that would even be a covered thing??
  3. Cover Question, And Lifter Also..

    Thanks,, and what do you think of the cover caddy lifts? I like them since they don't use the hinge as a point to hang the cover from. But I have only seen them online in very small pics and on youtube..
  4. So its really time to get a new cover. Well, actually it was time about a year and a half ago, but now after a storm the cover that was barely hanging on is trashed and a tarp and bungy cords holds it together now. Looking at all the replacement covers got my head spinning. Its a bigger spa, cal spa 8 person 8'x8'. I'm in the North east Pa mountains in the "higher elevations" as they say.. for Pa at least. Not uncommon to get a good 12-36" storm of heavy wet snow or ice mixed in. Will a 4-6 taper with 1.5 density be enough? or do I need to go 2? local dealers for covers are out as the options are 2-4" 1# density with 2mil single layer wrap at $500 or more and 4-6 weeks any options to match the online guys push the dealer over $1k quick. Also planning a floating cover, and some kind of cover for the cover. That sounds so odd? I'm also looking at the "cover caddy" as it doesn't support the cover by the hinge. And the three main companies I'm looking at are rh, cover guy and spa depot. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  5. Enclosure Question? Or Retracting One?

    That would be nice.. I saw a tub in a Dwell magazine about 5 or so years ago that was on tracks like trail rails. slid from under a protective shell out into the open. looked expensive.. i'd rather move the shell.. I think I may have some ideas..
  6. I've seen the covana and nice but high $.. I'm due for a new cover and thinking of a enclosure due to snow and wind.. I'm in the pocono mountains of Pa near one of the ridges so we get a lot of wrap around wind during storms and a bit more snow than even a few miles back from the edges.. My factory cover lasted just over 3 years. I really enjoy using the tub in the snow but we have had winters where it was so nasty most night were too bad outside to go out. Summer does not get hot enough to worry about not using it really as we only have a couple days in the 90's all summer. Thinking of trying to build a retractable tunnel type awning or greenhouse type hoop house that I can shift 4-6 feet with a garage door opener or something.. Anybody ever come up with any good options? The tub BTW is about 10' from the house on a patio. and it covers almost 100% of the patio. We are building a new porch and once that is done its going over under that, 1/2 under-1/2 out I think.. I hope to start on the porch this summer. Nothing happens fast in the poconos..
  7. Ok,, This is my parents pool,, its an Anthony pool built back in 76,, and these all had issues with the coping and tiles coming loose.. Theirs not as fast as everybody else's.. in fact the pool is in decent shape for its age.. And they are in their 80's and in a fixed income. Looking for either an inexpensive but good way to fix the issue of the tiles falling out,, and fix the coping,, some is loose. or a contractor that wont hose them.. I live about 1 1/4 hrs north but get to visit often.. I can try to help do the work but work in an industry that is based on the weather,, summer is my busy season.. I have all the time in the world when the snow is flying.. They are in Pa just north of Philly.. Thanks,, Steve
  8. Canopy To Cover?

    The smaller used car lots around here sell the two car sized carports for $795-895 and I have seen the single for $695.. While at a home show a year or so ago I saw a canopy like this in a track of some sort and they slid the smaller canopy back into the bigger one.. Thinking that would be an option..
  9. Canopy To Cover?

    Has anybody used one of those small carports, the alum cheap ones to cover their spas to keep the snow off?? This past summer has been so wet here in NEPA I thought we moved to Seattle.. I saw a small carport that slid on runners,, they had tracks in the floor and the canopy slid back under a slightly larger one.. That would be a neat set up.. I dont want my tub inside,, but to keep heavy snow off till we open it to get in would be nice.. Anybody have any other ideas??
  10. Frost On The Outside Of Cover

    I'm in NE Pa too,, and even tho we got snow just before Halloween(almost 5 inches) it was too nasty to go out in the tub.. We havent had snow since.. lots of frost.. waiting on snowfall to go out in the tub with a few beers and my winter cap on..
  11. Water Change Now Odd Color?

    Sorry I took so long to reply,, The water started to clear in a couple days and now is crystal clear and the # are spot on,,, The filter isnt even loaded up.. I think you hit the nail on the head,, I think I added chlorine too early.. I dont have too much metal in my water,, and the prefilter claims to remove 99% of it too,, but It seams that the chlorine and the metal remover react with each other.. The spa store guy told me it will make it an odd color for a few days.. and said if it lasts more than a week to drain again.. I lucked out,, about 4 days it was good,, 7 perfect.. Havent used it since tho,, just too nasty out.. had more snow and ice,, and our high today was 15 in the sun,, I need to pop a hole in the basement wall near the tub! I have too far a walk to it right now... Thanks,,, Steve
  12. Water Change Now Odd Color?

    Ok,, I finally did my first water change,, a little late,, I was told 4 to 6 months.. but its just the two of us and the water #'s were perfect,, also the last 2 month has had almost no use due to poor weather.. And haven't even used it for a while. We had an ice storm followed by several snows and the cover was just too heavy to open,, I cleared the snow but was unable to clear all the ice.. Had about 1 solid inch on the cover. I could just lift it enough to check on the water and such once a week. We had a day above freezing Friday,, 41 actually,, way better than the -17 we saw last week at night. I drained and filled the tub. I used a filter on the hose and have a whole house filter also as we do have a well. The #'s are close, ph is at 6 and hardness is 15 and total chlorine is close to the right color on the test strip. I added metal remover when I filled as I did the first time.. and added chlorine. The water has a greenish brown tint to it.. I hope it clears up soon.. any suggestions?
  13. Cover Question?

    We are having another ice/snow storm here,, the cover is very good in heat insulation,, as the tub is 101 and the cover will ice up outside instantly ans even light snow will sit on it for days,, or until We go in.. Now my question is for the center of the cover where it hinges,, it doesn't have much insulation there,, and in the ice storm thet area sagged about a 1/4 inch.. it puddles with water in the rain.. Will the water go thru the seams into the spa? and is that little amount enough to play havoc on my ph, chem levels? Should I cover the center with something and cover the whole thing to protect it from the harsh winter weather. Thanks, Steve
  14. I've had my calspa for about 6.5 months,, I really like it.. I've had much better results than my neighbors who bought mail order.. I have found that the skirt isnt the best,, but its easy to fix and/or is covered by the warranty. And the cover I got with mine is very good.. will support a child who climbed on when her parents werent paying attention.. And my electric bill change almost nothing.. even with this overly cold fall we have had in the NE.. If you have a good dealer,, its a good price I'd say go for it..
  15. Power Out In Winter?

    Funny you should say campfire,, My Bonfire pit is about 15 feet away.. I could always move it closer.. My wife thought the fire pit in view from the tub was redneck,, I should show her the pics of the homemade hot tub.. It will make me look sophisticated..