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  1. Broke down and had a service call. He said the circ pump was running all the time. He rerouted the white wire and everything is working fine now. Thanks for all the responsed.
  2. Tried the suggestions above. I replaced the flo switch same result. Took out the filter and let tub run still had flo error. Any more suggestions would be welcome. It runs for a little bit when I turn off and restore power and then I get a sold flo error not flashing. Circ pump is running but nothing else works.
  3. Put in new flo switch before the circ pump. Can try putting back old switch. Wondering if it could be flo switch connection it uses micro pins. Does anyone know what the resistance should be for the flow switch?
  4. Update. I realized when I'm getting the flow warning the circ pump is still running. Came back from a bike ride today and everything was working normally. I know that I will get the solid flo warning again.
  5. I used the Cover Guy very happy with my purchase. Don"t remember what I paid but quality is very good. Spa is 20 years old this is my third cover.
  6. Hi I have a 2002 Sundance Optima. Was getting a blinking from error (flo temp) back and forth. Finally figured out it was the circ pump. Replaced the Circ pump worked fine for a day. Now I am getting a solid FLO error. Nothing works with the solid flo error. If I reset the breaker it goes away but eventually comes back. I also recently replaced the Flo switch and cleaned the filter. Not sure what the solid flo error means? Thanks for any help
  7. Hi thanks for the reply. The spa is a 2002 Optima. So interesting enough the check valve has always been in that position. I found the other hose coming off the ozonator. So these hoses should be connected. Looks like part of a fitting in each end that broke off. So I need to order a replacement hose with a new check valve? I should also flip the valve over?
  8. Had a problem with the flo switch which I changed out. That’s working fine now. But all of a sudden this hose just down line from the flo switch started leaking water when spa is off. It seems to take in air when pump is running. Can’t find a diagram of this any where. For now have to keep hose above water level so it does not leak. Does anyone know the purpose of this hose and How I can fix it?
  9. Bought a RH cover last spring. Very happy with the cover fits great I live in the North East and got the thicker cover it has much less snow melt on the cover before I clear it than the old one that I had. Which I guess means less heat loss. Very satisfied.
  10. I have an 2002 Sundance Optima with ozonator just replaced the pillows this summer after 7 years and they did not look as bad a the ones in your picture. I use bromine in my tub you should check with the dealer they should not look like that so soon. Do you have the dealer check your water maybe your chemicals are off.
  11. It take me about an hour to fill 450 gallons. I run 2 hoses to fill the tub one from the front of the house and one from the back to speed things up. Tub heats 6 degrees per hour in the summer it takes a couple of hours to heat in the winter starting with 40 degree water overnight. Good luck.
  12. Is the Flo switch making contact when the circ pump is running?
  13. Got a cover from Roberts in the spring very happy with the quality. http://www.rhtubs.com/covers/insulate.htm See the link.
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