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Well I jumped on the Ahh-some bandwagon and must say I'm highly impressed.  Prior to this I had been using Whirlpool purge that I got from Lowe's. The biggest reason I decided to give it a try was my bromine levels were almost impossible to keep relatively steady. Biofilm? Possibly.  That and the fact this new tub is 1/3 the size of my old one and this is my first time using bromine (granules).

Anyway first purge didn't seem all that bad. Or at least as bad as I thought it would be.   HA! Second purge prove that wrong.  Not the heavy scum I saw in other videos,  but a constant output of it for well over a hour.  When it finally stopped I figured WTH and did a third.  Even more came out at first but stopped by the 30 minute mark. 

Filled and added appropriate chemicals.  All holding steady close to 24 hours later.  Will see long term after a few soaks.

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