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SunDance Spa Capri Flo Error- Not what you might think

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Hey Everyone, not sure if this has been discussed before, since I have found plenty of information about the Flo Error message in the Sundance spas. I haven't been able to track down any thoughts on what my specific problem is.  Here is the backstory- inherited Sundance Capri (circa 1997) at the new house I bought.  Great pool, started fine, but did not know how previous owner treated water, so I drained it, refilled it, got the source water profile, started with new treatment.  Flo error message came on, service tech came out, 5 minute fix to blow the lines, there was air (very typical cause of the Flo error message). Also around this time, I got a brand new filter.

Used it for a while, then noticed breaker was beginning to trip. Found out the source of the error, was the Air Blower went bad, so I unplugged it and used the tub for a little while. Flo message showed back up. When I shut off the breaker and turn it back on the jets work, heater brings it back up to temp, then Flo error comes back on after Jets/Heater turn off. I replaced the air blower, easy fix, that works fine now too, was hoping that might solve the problem,  unfortunately still Flo error message comes back on. 

The reason I feel this is unique, is that every Flo error message conversation I come across, really only references a situation where the pump/jets/heater do not work at all. My error message only shows up after the pump and heater have worked to bring the spa up to temp. I can continue using it, as long as I keep the pump running (turning off breaker and turning back on) but then every morning having to do this draws so much electricity to get back up to temp. 

Question for you all, have you experienced this and what was your fix?  Not calling out the techs again for an easy DIY fix, even if it means replacing parts, not afraid to do that either. 

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