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andy thorn

I need advise - coast hot tub

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I am new to the hot tub scene and have just bought a 2004? coast nassau hot tub, ( needing a little work ) my current problem is the 3 dots on top side panel, red led on printed circuit and not being able to clear the air in the lines, 

I have changed the pressure switch ( the 3 dot go off when I switch to 2nd speed)

the temp is set to 100f but is maintaining about 82f ( it has got to 100 previously)

the heater tube is only normal temp not boiling

i keep releasing the air from the filter bleed screw but within minutes its back again

( i do have about 10 out of 40 jet missing at the moment - waiting for replacements)

any suggestions, or is it due to missing jet sucking the air back into the lines and then causing the low flow?


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