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Cracked Titainium 6000 Heater

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I picked up a heater for my 2001 Sovereign it is the replacement for the older no fault 6000. The No-Fault PDR Titanium Heater has a crack on the end (see image), I believe this is to protect the heater from major damage from freezing? Are there any parts for this heater like the black end cap? If so, what is involved in the parts repair? If no parts are available I guess I am going to try and repair the crack with Devcon, Plastic Weld? Has anybody tried to repair this heater with Devcon or any other method?

I get a 0 ohm reading on the black and white while disconnected on the old heater and a 110 volt reading at the heater control, so I assume my heater is out. I tried to mash down the little red reset button with no avail. When I push down the reset button it does tweak the lights in my garage, not sure what that is, maybe the heater is turning on? I do feel a slight vibration on top of the heater when I push down the reset button. Can I bypass this reset button in the heater? All lights are good on the controller. No heat in tub. Circulation pump is fine.

Thanks for the help,



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I had this EXACT same thing happen with my heater. I went to Sundance spa store in my area and they took out this big book and we found the breakdown of that heater. They said we could have ordered that part right then and there but i am a guy that wants to try to fix things first. ha ha

I did some SERIOUS research on epoxy and glues you name it i read about it. I tried so many products the one product that worked excellent and STILL works to this day is

ACE hardware brand EPOXY.

Take that end part off and take some fine sand paper just to rough it up a little. Make sure the part is completely dry!!!! This is important!!!

Mix the epoxy and apply!!! I put a ton on there. I let it dry overnight and put it on and it works EXCELLENT. Fixed it for a good 6 dollars.

I hope this helps because i know it took me forever to figure it out!!


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