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  1. I had this EXACT same thing happen with my heater. I went to Sundance spa store in my area and they took out this big book and we found the breakdown of that heater. They said we could have ordered that part right then and there but i am a guy that wants to try to fix things first. ha ha I did some SERIOUS research on epoxy and glues you name it i read about it. I tried so many products the one product that worked excellent and STILL works to this day is ACE hardware brand EPOXY. Take that end part off and take some fine sand paper just to rough it up a little. Make sure the part is comple
  2. Hello want to start off by thanking you for ready my question. I have a 2002 Hot Spring Spa Grandee Model I purchased it used about 3 months ago. It had no problems with pumps controls or anything! But it did have a small leak in the heater, All i did for that was just epoxy it and not a single drop since then. I recently came into a new problem. My hot tub front control buttons are just ALL messed up When i press the clean button it turns my hot tub temp down When i press the Temp Down button it will increase the temp When i press Light On it starts the cleaning function When i Pre
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