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  1. Thanks CanadianSpaTech !, the GFCI wiring was the problem. Once I corrected the neutral wire and reinstalled the control unit it fired right up. Now I have discovered every single control valve is shot....used tubs, gotta luv'em !
  2. Thanks, I'll need to correct the wiing, as mine is not wired that way. Will test it out and report back.
  3. Just picked up a used hot tub with the Balboa VS500 control. The Spa was operating before it was moved to my home. I just connected everything up and now my breaker trips instantly. My question is, can anyone confirm the resistance reading from the black "HOT" terminal to the "NEU" terminal on the board I have removed the board from the housing and disconnected any wires from the "NEU". I have also removed the MOV protection (it tested OK) I'm measuring only 37 Ohms. Board looks perfect otherwise, I'm stumped at this point. fingers pointing to the terminals I measured across.
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