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  1. I’ll get some pics tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure these are the light units: https://www.arcticspastore.com/amp/parts/lights-lens-led/northern-lights-master-led-l4/ https://www.arcticspastore.com/amp/parts/lights-lens-led/northern-lights-slave-led-l4/
  2. This is more out of curiosity than anything. I recently had my new Arctic Spa (Totem) installed. I just had the basic lighting option (Northern Lights) installed. It basically uses the on/off button to cycle through a bunch of options. Being interested in tech and automation though, I was peeking around trying to figure out how the system works and searching on the web to see if there’s any info, I.e. if I wanted to add lights after the fact, or switch to using my own controller. From what I can gather, there’s a master light that has a controller. It grabs 12V from the board (Gecko) and then it has a wire going from the master to the other slave light. Given the custom controller, I’m assuming these are custom lights and not 3-wire RGB lights. I think the next lighting option, the family package, uses the same controller but just as lights in some of the controls, waterfall, etc. It _looks_ light the lights would just plug into those spots. I can’t seem to find parts for the other areas though, just the main master/slave ones. @CanadianSpaTech any chance you could shed some “light” on the setup?
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