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  1. "please start your own thread and we will be happy to help"...."Hmm, I thought I replied to this. Did you have another thread?" This is my own thread, as you prompted me to do so. My question is/was who makes a quality hot tub cover. Throwing excess money doesn't mean the quality is there. By nature of assembly, materials used, and quality customer reviews makes a sound product. The hot tub guy doesn't answer their phones, so how does one ask questions to make informed decisions when purchasing......anything? That why I ask, " who makes a quality hot tub cover?" When ya tell me a company makes a quality product....tell me how you know that. That's all I'm asking
  2. awesome site, thanks for all the replies....
  3. My current cover is in need of replacement. 7yrs. outside and weather and such have run its course. When researching reviews of cover manufacturers, the manufacturer of my current cover, made in Mexico, has thousands of 1star ratings on the website, 'reseller'. This current cover lasted longer than the previous 3 covers, by far, with no real change in maintenance procedures. So the thousands of negative reviews this company has received is fogging my decision of picking a cover manufacturer to replace this one. All prior covers I disassemble to find the reason(s) they failed, all had similar issues. Water logged foam cores, taped seals of dbl wrapped 'mylar bags' failed allowing water to migrate to foam cores, seals that were taped instead of heat-sealed as claimed by manufacturer. One company, I would love to mention, claimed they heat-sealed their seams, only to find yards of cellophane tape and no heat sealed seam. That cover lasted 3.5 yrs. So I get that siting outside in the elements, chemicals from spa maintenance, and shotty cover construction lead to these covers failing.......So I'm looking for someone who has had a good experience, as of late in a quality hot tub cover replacement? Thanks for any info offered.
  4. I'm in need of a hot tub cover. My current one has lasted 7yrs., which is awesome considering it sits outside, maybe 8hrs . of sun per day in the midwest. So my problem is, I go to "resellers" rating site and this company has a 1 star rating and comments are crazy bad, and not just a few but hundreds to give it a flat out 1star rating. The cover prior to this one lasted 3yrs., water logged so bad, due to interior dbl wrapped foam bags were TAPED SHUT. Tape had failed, of course, and foam inserts became water logged so bad the weight of the cover damn near broke the lift. Who the heck makes a quality, reliable cover for outside use. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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