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  1. @Cassiemoreira Thanks for your reply, I will try the bathtub with the bromine chemicals and hope I get the maths right! Then maybe switch to Chlorine if it causes the reaction. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, First post on the forum, been reading avidly for a few months. Great forum, learned loads. I have the exact same problem that @Cassiemoreiraand others here describe. I'm in the UK and got a Jacuzzi J-375 hot tub last summer. I was fine in it for a few months, then started to get itchy raised skin on arms, legs, torso, kept me awake etc. lasts about 4-5 days. Since then I've tried everything I've found here, multiple Ahhsome flushes (got plenty of gunk out), not using MPS to shock, switched to proper test kit instead of strips, etc. I'm running Bromine, no ozone or anything like
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