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  1. I think I had the same issue a few months ago. We had a weird smell that reminded me of canned hearts of palm. When you said olive or corn, it sounds like the same issue. I ended up purging with Hot Tub Serum Total Cleanse (I think the same company makes Ahh-some). Then I superchlorinated,drained and refilled. I also replaced the filter and switched back to chlorine from bromine and all has been well ever since. This happened after it rained pretty hard here in Southern California. We had recently had wildfires and it was the first rain in many months. We have a steep roof and the water ran off and got into the hot tub even with the cover on. Within a few days we noticed the weird smell when the jets were on. When I did the purge, the 'gunk' deposited on the sides was a yellowish color. The Hot Tub Serum Total Cleanse instructions say to run the jets for 20 minutes then drain and refill. I kept running the jets and cleaning the residue off the sides until the water stayed clean which took a few hours. Hope this helps.
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