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  1. Finally getting around to swapping the guts on my tub, went with a Balboa VS Spa Control Kit based on the helpful recommendations on this forum. Removed and cleaned the old controller and looking for tips and suggestions on how to do a leak proof install. I'm a little paranoid since the water and humidity killed the old controller, also not too impressed with the double sided tape that came with the Balboa kit. Plan is use use the included doubled sided tape, once it dries line with some bath caulk. Went with GE Advanced Silicone 2 Clear Kitchen and Bath Caulk. If anyone has an sugg
  2. Thank you so much for the help @RDspaguy and @CanadianSpaTech! With your assistance I was able to troubleshoot and get the everything back up and running. Getting full voltage of the terminals, some electronics and a wire brush cleaning restored the power. Planning to order the Balboa kit you recommended today. The Acura kits look nice but I am haven't been able to find much about them outside of their website. They look nice and well built but I am concerned about availability of parts and in my case I'm not sure I can justify the extra upfront cost.
  3. Thanks for the detailed response and help! Attached a wiring diagram. I believe I only have 1 pump and 1 blower. Pics and schematic attached. I am located in the USA (Montana). I will test the board and hope it has power. Also will check into Balboa replacements. As I came across https://www.acuraspa.com first and they considering a full swap 10 yr old system. Would be thrilled if we could get through the the winter without doing that. 20210103_Newport Controls Hot Tub Wiring Diagram.pdf
  4. I think I ran our SPA too low on water and did some damage. The display of the top side control has been broken for years, we've been able to use the spa with no visual feedback. I noticed the SPA was low and mean to top off with water. Was running all day and when I came out the next morning tub was cold 78 F vs the normal 104 F. I've cleaned and replace the filter twice. Reset a few times to no avail. Held at 78 F for past few days. Today I investigated the heating element and it's registered 12 Ohm on the MultiMeter so I assume the element is still good and that is not the issue . Fol
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