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  1. Thanks, JUST ORDERED ! I did finally get a response from someone about repairing the board but he felt it would be too expensive to repair
  2. Striking out with getting board repaired. The new circuit board is $300 and have been coming across the whole Balboa box with new heater and controller for around $440 ( assuming it’s is the correct setup ) thinking for the extra $130-140 i would rather have a new heater and extra topside controller? Not sure if it matters but my heater and sensors were flooded a couple years ago good idea/bad idea? Waste of money? Can anyone tell me if is this the correct unit ? Balboa Water Group 54216-Z VS500Z Spa Control System With Duplex Topside https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01508T8FO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_2SH9E5QFSPY6HSCBZF70
  3. I will try making a few calls and see if I can find anyone that is comfortable repairing this board. Not sure how successful I will be. thanks again in for all the help
  4. thanks! Circuit board has gone up about $100 in price since last year!! A little over $300 now. would have hoped it would have lasted longer than year.
  5. thanks for the help! Ill check for tightness but pretty sure its tight. SO what's bets option and how do I ensure this doesn't happen again? This hot tub did get flooded last year , which is why I replaced circuit board, controller, and pump. The heater did not get replaced. Is there anything that could be bad on actual heater from the flood that is causing this? Everything has functioned perfect for the last year Should I look into spaguts and swap out the unit?
  6. hot tub lost heat. Went to investigate and found the circuit board is burnt up where the heater attaches. Put this board in about 1 year ago. Any thoughts on what caused or what best option for getting up and running again?
  7. Ok, maybe your on to something with heater. earlier this year the hot tub was ruined in a flood. it was submerged underwater for a few hours (about as high as the heater was under water) I replaced the pump, control panel and topside. I left heater as i though it was ok. It is coming up to temp now on the STD setting but appears to almost always be running
  8. Here’s a few pics. I moved then a4 down since this pic was taken I have the filter cycle set to f2. I’ll remove filter thanks!
  9. just cleaned the filter and issue seems the same with clean/new filter I switched to std mode and it seems almost every time i am near the tub it appears to be running. Not sure if it ever shuts off. Is this nromal?
  10. good info. Exact same thing has happened to mine and i have no idea where the pieces went. my filter stays in place and seem to function fine so haven't paid it a lot of attention but will try some of the fixes mentioned
  11. I replaced some parts recently (board, pump and control) and since I feel as if my tub isn't consistent with temperature I used to be able to leave it in economy mode and it would never have an issue maintaining 101-102 temps. Now in economy mode it will display 101 temp but the spa is actually much cooler and is @ 97 or so. Is there a temp sensor that could be faulty or should I look elsewhere?
  12. I think this was my issue! I just checked and a4 was up. I moved a4 down and moved a3 up and seems to be working. thanks for the help
  13. It is a fairly new 3 button balboa topside controller
  14. Here is a pic. I moved the controller cable and tried again. Still flashing the IC code as soon as I start it up (Looks like it is for ice conditions ) the 2 sensors on the heater did go under water. Maybe bad connection there or sensor needs replacing? what triggers the ic code - guessing a sensor ?
  15. Here is a pic of my board installed. I pretty copied the settings from the board I replaced I’ll have to take a picture of wiring diagram when I get home
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