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  1. We had a vinyl-liner in-ground pool built when in our house in Toronto and we loved it. Like the fiberglass pool surface, nothing sticks to the vinyl so it is extremely easy to keep clean. Also, the vinyl surface is easy on the feet, equipment, and swimsuits. I despise the smell of chlorine so the salt chlorinator was mandatory. I would recommend you to build a vinyl pool since: 1) Vinyl swimming pool liners are the less expensive choice. 2) The vinyl liner is vacuumed into the pool structure for the best fit and finish 3) They have an easier swimming pool maintenance. 4) Less costly
  2. I have heard that salt water pools can cause some health issues. Is that true? We are getting hard water here in Toronto. And I had faced some difficulties with hard water and with the help of Toronto plumber's, I installed a softener system and now I am interested in building a pool. Is salt water pool a good option? Does it have the same feature as that of a hard water content? As a salt pool user, did you face any difficulties? I came to know that that salt water pools require a high initial investment than traditional pools. I think it needs experience technicians for minor problems. Sal
  3. Oh it was an informative session. Thank you
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