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  1. Eliminate drain suction hazards: Inspect pools daily to ensure drain covers are in good condition and securely attached. Do not operate shallow (less than 18 inches) pools with a single main drain suction outlet. Post a sign: “WARNING — To prevent serious injury, do not allow children in swimming pool if drain cover is broken or missing.” In the event of a fecal accident: Instruct pool users to exit the pool; close the pool (24-hour minimum closure) and remove as much fecal material as possible from the pool. Vacuum the pool and direct waste to a sewer system and not through pool filtration system (disinfect vacuum before reuse). Raise free chlorine residual to 20.0 ppm with pH 7.2 – 7.5 and maintain overnight. Operate filtration system for 3 or 4 turnovers, then backwash. If spa, hot tub, or wading pool is contaminated, drain the pool at this point. Disinfect the filter tank and media with a 20:1 solution of sodium hypochlorite; (alternative: for diatomaceous earth or cartridge filters, replace media or cartridge element). Restart filtration system and neutralize any excessively high residual chlorine with sodium thiosulfate or allow to return to 5 ppm free chlorine. Balance pool water and reopen the pool.
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