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  1. I have an older Tiger River Bengal. The heater relay board failed recently so I replaced it with a new 4th generation heater relay board. When I power the tub up the relay board functions properly and heats to the set temperature one time. Then the tub cools back down to ambient temperature. Heater LED solid red limit LED solid green d10 LED flickering green d9 LED blinking red. If I power cycle the tub, it heats properly again one time to set temperature. Does this mean my motherboard has failed? Or is there something else I should be looking at? Thanks
  2. Quick follow-up. I am in the middle of a similar project on my Tiger River Bengal tub. My question is when I removed the foam in the corner of the tub near the end of the "pump duct hose" (the large diameter black flexible hose), it seemed to have a softer consistency. Was I imagining it? Should I use something else in that area?
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