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  1. Unfortunately, I don't have a swim spa yet. But it seems that keeping the cover on would make the filter (and you) do less work. What I had been thinking about (we live in Maryland, which is south-ish) is maybe getting a solar summer cover - just something clear so the sun can heat the water up and I can maybe turn the heater off or way down, and then only using the spa cover in the winter. But then there's a storage issue, and it seems like the spa cover would be easier to brush the leaves off. Is there a reason you'd like to keep the cover off the spa in the summer? Is it getting too hot?
  2. After doing wet tests to a number of swim spas, we have narrowed it down to Endless Pools spa and will be trying the Arctic Wolverine later next month - hoping that this swim system will be more like a propelled current. I was curious if anybody else has used the Niagara system in Arctic Spas that could comment on it. It is near impossible to find information about most swim spas - which is quite frustrating - but I'm glad this forum exists! We're going to be doing an outdoor year-round swim spa, which is why Arctic is so appealing. We did try the Hudson, which has the same jet system as the Ocean, and while it has a lot of benefits over Endless Pools, the jets were much "rougher" than the Endless Pools current. Either way, we'll have one to test in 3 weeks or so, but wanted to see if anybody had any thoughts or experiences. Thanks!
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