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  1. We put in a 15' foot swim spa 2 years ago. Most Swim spa companys will tell you you need to put down a 6-7 inch concrete base. If you have any other questions I'd be more than glad to help.
  2. A swim spa really is the best of all worlds! I originally bought a large spa (Hotsprings Grandee)and loved it. I soon realized that I was using it more in the summer than in the winter. I really loved the whole pool aspect of the spa. Then I discovered swim spas. I can't tell you how wonderful these things are. Think about it you are getting exercise, a hot tub and a pool all in one! I have a 17' swim spa decked in and off of my screen porch. And it has changed my life. Friends who spent tens of thousands on in ground pools are jealous as hell. If you need any more info I'd be more than glad to share it with you. I often felt like I was going into this whole thing blind and no one really shared any of the big and little things about about swim spas. Oh, and YES they heat to the same degree and a regular size spa. In the summer I turn the heat off and use mine as a pool!?
  3. During the summer months I plan to not use the heater in my swim spa as the weather here in the south will keep it plenty warm. My question is do I need to keep the cover on it all of the time like any other time of the year? I understand that uncovered leaves is it open to debris and critters . Not having to be concerned about keeping the heat in is it ok to leave it uncovered? I would really appreciate the advice! Thanks much!
  4. I would like to get information and or advice concerning spa water testing kits. I have used the test strips but I'd like something more advanced so I don't have to keep going back and forth to the spa store. What is the best you can buy for spa water testing? Thanks much!
  5. Dan, thank you so very much for your advice I really appreciate it! I think I have made up my mind and I'm. Going to go with the Catalina Freestyle gold. I'm very excited about it. I know you are a Catalina dealer. Do you have any advice and or commentary about the Freestyle?!? Again, thank you for your help. It made a world of difference!
  6. Dan, thank you so much for your reply! I am in the process of making a final descion between the Catalina freestyle gold and the Vortex aqua gym Extreme. I really like both and I would really save a lot of money with Vortex. Could you please give me some advise on this as I have become very frustrated trying to figure out if buying from my local retailer or factory direct sales is going to have an I pact on warranty service etc. believe it or not I have to decide by this Monday as I have started having construction done in my back yard for a deck to surround the swim spa and I need to give the contractor all the measurements. Again, thanks and I look forward to your advice!!!
  7. Hello everyone! I'm in the market for a swim spa. After doing weeks of internet research I came across The Vortex company. They seem to have a very good product. Does anyone have any experience with this brand?!? I did own a Hotspring spa and we loved it! I would stick with them if they made a swim spa but they don't. I would really appreciate any sound advice that some of you may have. Thanks much!!!
  8. I think what I hear you saying is that you want quality?!? If so do yourself a favor and check out Hotspring. In my opinion the best in the business. I own their largest(Grandee) spa. I'm 6'2" and we absolutely love it. Check out the their website. Have a great day!
  9. After one moth of tubbing in my new tub, I've broken out in a rash. So I've read everything that I could on the subject in this forum and others. The strange thing is that the rash only effects the upper part of my body. The parts of my body that are in contact with the surface of the water! I just don't get it! My water chemistry is perfect. Can anyone give me advice on what this could be and how to resolve it?!? Thanks everyone, I'd really appreciate it
  10. Being new to the world of hot tubs I 'm trying to do everything right to take care of the water in my Tub. I was instructed by my Hotspring dealer to always take a "soap shower"before getting in my spa. Do most of you do that? Is it really nessary to do that every time?
  11. Just out of curiosity. How long do most of you soak in your hot tubs on a average?!?
  12. First time spa owner here still trying to figure it all out! I have a 2013 HS Grandee. I was advised by the dealer that I can put the filters in the dish washer. Is that the best way to clean them and if so how often?
  13. Just interested to know what temperature do most people put their spa on during the summer months?!?
  14. Greetings all, I ordered my HS spa 3 weeks ago and was assured by the dealer that it would only take 3-4 weeks to receive my (paid in full) spa. I was just notified yesterday that I would have to wait another two-3 weeks until delivery. I've noticed other posts in this and other spa forums concerning this same issue with Hotsprings. What's going on and why?!? Does anyone have any Idea?!? Thanks Much CJ
  15. I'm waiting as well ( in NC). I ordered my spa 3 weeks ago and was told yesterday another 2 weeks before delivery. :-(. Was told that orders are backed up.
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