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Hot Spring control panel question

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Greetings!  I have a question regarding my new Hot Springs Limelight Flair.  Just delivered about a month ago.
I've noticed the control buttons aren't functioning as expected.  I have a phone call planned with the seller today, but thought I would ping this group for any thoughts/ideas/experiences.  Explaining via email, the selling company didn't have any knowledge of the issue.
I have to hit the opposite side button to get the feature I want.
Example:  Last night I wanted to run the "Clean" feature.  On my display screen, it was the bottom right button option.  I would have to go diagonal and hit the upper left button.  Even though the upper left button had a different option displayed, it was the button to initiate the "Clean".
Same goes for the interior/exterior light changes... I have to hit the button, on the diagonal opposite side, to get what I want.
I know the BACK button can be held down to flip the display direction... but this issue occurs in both directions.  Always need to hit the opposite side buttons.

Thank you for your time!!
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