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yccccuck in my jacuzzi tub

Guest donna

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is there sommthing you must clean the jets or is there a filter in these tubs that i dont know about?we bought this house a year ago and i have noticed that some kind of blackgeen or brown im not sure what color it is but its flooting around with me and im not to sure i love my tub anymore please help my jacuzzi tub is on of the best parts of my new home and im so bummed.thanks donna in bear valley springs .

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thanks for the anwser i am not useing any chemicals i didnt know that you had to first time i have ever had on of these tubs and it just started about 6 mos after we moved in the house is just 2 years old and the plp never told me about any chemicals.thanks so much for your help

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Guest Guest_Mike_*

Jacuzzi tubs will be yucky if you use most kinds of soap, bubble bath, or shampoo in them. The only way to avoid the yuck is to jacuzzi first, then turn the jets off when you use soap. (And don't use jets again until you have new water.) The soap residue goes into the intake and gets all mixed up and comes out yuck.

Also, some soaps are "yuckier" than others. For example, Dove will give you a lot more yuck than Irish Spring.

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