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Bestway Paris AirJet Hot Tub liner is deflating from the air jets tube, happen to anyone else?

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After doing some repairs to the pump and emptying out my spa to refill it with fresh water, I noticed the liner had deflated a bit. I re-inflated it only to hear air shooting out and it deflate right back to where it was. After some tests, I discovered the air was coming from inside the jets tube around the bottom. Specifically, the very end of the tube, so the farthest jet from the air blower on the pump. Unfortunately, I can't patch this as I can't get to where the hole is... anyone else have this problem and or find a solution? I was pretty devastated to find that air was releasing from somewhere, but then in a place I can't even get to?! That is beyond frustrating...

I should also note that my spa was completely empty when I discovered this. I was wondering if maybe this just happens when there is no water in it? But that seems very unlikely as I have done this maintenance a few times in the 2.5 years I've had it and never noticed this before.

Also, the liner only ever deflates to a certain point, then stops, it doesn't get close to completely deflating. I feel I probably could still fill it, but that seems risky... Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!

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