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Kelli matous

Sta rite Max-E-Therm 333 pool heater

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I have had this heater for 4 years and has been running great

new pool and filter 4 years ago as well

the last 6 weeks an error code ADO has come up and shuts the heater down in nice a week but then became more frequent

the last 2 weeks I now have AD1 code and SF1 code

I can’t keep the heater running long enough to warm the pool

I've backwashed and rinsed the filter nothing is leaking and I’ve shut down the breaker and back on again still only a temporary run time

the off button on the display will not shut off the led screen I have to use the switch

The display will show the temperature at start up then the error codes sometimes 5 min sometimes 20 min before it shuts off and the codes appear

I’ve  watched you tube videos and searched for trouble shooting error codes but nothing specific to our issue is found I’ve also called pool places and their gas fitters are so back up I may as well shut the pool down for the winter but I’d like to at least get the parts and try it so I know it'll be ready in the spring  

Anyone have suggestions for what may be causing this and suggestions as where I could get the parts would be greatly appreciated 

thank you







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