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Jets timing out too soon

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Hi,  I'm new to the forum.  I just acquired and installed a new spa this weekend.  It's a 2007 Mountain Springs spa with Balboa controls.  The only thing that doesn't seem quite right is the jets shut down (time out) after only about 3-5 minutes.  This happens with both pumps.  The controls are a Balboa EL2000 Mach 3, with an ML700 topside controller.

When setting things up, somehow I knocked a jumper off of two pins on the bottom right of the board.  According to the manual I found on line the pins are marked J83 and J17.  Taking a guess I placed it back on J17.  Which seemed to disable Jets 2 and the circ pump.  I then moved it to J83 and everything seems to work fine now, with the exception of the jet pumps prematurely timing out. 

Reading some, (and learning as I go) it appears that the jumper on J17 would have enabled the dip switches to take over rather then the topside controller, correct?  If so, my next move would probably be to configure the dip switches so that the features that didn't work when I accidentally misplaced the jumper would come on.

I guess I really have two questions if anyone can help.  1) is th.ere a way to alter the timeout on the jet pumps, the manual says that they have a timeout, but it seems unclear as to exactly how long it should be, (I think 15 minutes).  Mine area clearly much less than that.  If there is a way to change it, is it through the topside controller?, or dip switches?  and 2) how do you trigger a factory reset of the entire board and controller?  I read somewhere about a pin jumper that will do this, but I can't find specific instructions for the EL2000 Mach 3.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm following up in case someone ever stumbles across the same issue in a future search.  I figured it out with some help from a nice customer service rep at Balboa systems, (who I don't think is really supposed to help people with their "private" spas).   Turn out, the jumper that I knocked off on J17/J83 was supposed to be disconnected entirely on my particular configuration.  It was actually only attached to one pin when I knocked it off, and I presumed that it must do something, so tried two options, both attempts bridged pins, and both caused weird issues.  In the case of J17, pump 1 wouldn't work at all, and neither would the blower.  On J83, both jet pumps timed out prematurely.   Removed the jumper entirely and everything works as it should.

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