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Aqua Rite Flow Switch Trouble Shoot

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I have an aqua rite board with a hayward T-15 cell, both new within about 6 months, and a flow switch that is probably about 5 years old. I do have good levels of chlorine in the pool, so I know the cell is generating. Power lights and generating lights all come lit appropriately, and all levels when I scroll through the diagnostics look good (current >5, voltage, salt, etc) Instant salt level is 3200ppm and confirmed with independent test.

My problem is that my board/cell continue to generate after my pump has stopped running. hours after my pump has stopped, my average salt levels continue to drop until the average salt reading goes 2700, 2600, etc so the low salt and inspect cell lights blink and occasionally the values have dropped to as low as 1600 due to the pump being off and the averages dropping so low. Is this simply because my flow switch has gone bad and the cell continues to generate even with no flow, because the switch doesn't stop the generation when the flow stops?

Any ways to confirm? other possibilities? other thoughts?


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