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It Took An Entire Bottle Of Spa Down To Get My Ph Right

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The directions said 1/4 oz per 500 gallons, run then test. Repeat if necessary. This took several hours and ended up with me having to use the ENTIRE bottle (big bottle) of this stuff to finally bring it down. I know my well water has high pH but I was ready to just give up and buy some muriatic acid. Glad to see it finally get balanced. :)


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Buy a 1 lb container pH- (dry acid) for a spa or a 5 lb tub of pH- for a pool (more economical). You can get it most anywhere, hardware stores, pool and spa stores, etc.

I inherited a couple bottles of liquid pH Down and found it more of a weak nuisance than it was worth.

Muriatic acid is also a nuisance, but a much stronger and potentially hazardous nuisance as well.

Stock up on some TA+ while you are at it. Acid additions to manage a high pH will eat up your TA, which you will also need to correct.

When this makes sense, and your yin and yang are fighting for balance, read up on pH rise from aeration, and borates as a secondary pH buffers.

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