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  1. Thank you. It wasn´t an overheat problem. I changed the heater and it is fixed. Perhaps the temperature sensor was broken.
  2. Thank you. Basically I have the following problem: The water heater indicator is lit up and the heater is active, but suddenly it flashes and the heater turns off. Sometimes it flashes after 10 minutes, sometimes after 2 hours. We got the hot tub since September 2021 and the issue in this summer. The hot tub filters 8 hours per day und the sun always shines on it. Is there a overheat protection in the system, which turns off the heater or what is the matter? I have a gecko in-yj-2 control system, a 2 kw heat.wav and easy 4 control panel
  3. I have a gecko in-yj-2 control system and the heater seems to be damaged. Now there is a 3 kw heat.wav that I could use. Is it compatible with my control system?
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