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  1. Dug a little bit more into this issue. My hot tub is an Arctic Spa and the pump model is NEW41. When I search Arctic Spa pump websites, I see they have listings for low speed capacitors and high speed capacitors. So I'm probably mistaken about which capacitor needs replacing. The high speed capacitor is the larger one and works fine (not a start up capacitor). The smaller capacitor is for low speed operation (not a "run" capacitor) -- and since low speed is malfunctioning by my logic then that's the capacitor that needs replacing. I've attached a photo of the smaller low speed capacitor. Does this look like a suitable replacement? https://www.arcticspastore.com/arctic-spa-parts/low-speed-capacitor-arctic-spas/
  2. The main two-speed pump on my spa is behaving oddly. When I start it up on low, it just humms. When I run it on high, it goes great. If I switch back to low (with no break between high and low), then low works fine. But if I pause between high speed, wait 5 seconds, then start low speed, it just humms again. After some research, I've learned that this behavior is most likely due to a bad startup capacitor. I opened up the pump and took a photo of the specs written on the start-up capacitor, but I don't have enough electrical experience to identify an appropriate replacement. Could someone take a peek at the photo I've attached and let me know what an appropriate replacement start-up capacitor would be? The details on the current capacitor are: SINTEX 45 (manufactured August 2008) S E5 C 45 45 uF +- 5% 50/60 Hz AC 400V B 25/85/21 AC 450V C 25/85/21 AC 450V 2.86/3.43 kvar Phase 1 Thank you!
  3. @CanadianSpaTechThank you! Talk about a needle in a haystack.
  4. @CanadianSpaTech Any alternative ideas on what the jets might be? I reached out to Hot Tub Outpost and this is what they replied with:
  5. I'm working on a hot tub whose jet inserts have all begun to fail and pop out of their socket. The hot tub has a Balboa heater and control panel LCD, but as far as I can tell the tub itself is essentially "off brand". I can't find any information about the tub body itself aside from some generic Chinese manufacturer information printed on the inside of the tub. The white portion of the jet measures 3 and 1/4 inches in length. The diameter of the white threads measures 1 and 5/8 inches. However, I don't think these jets screw into anything (at least I couldn't screw them back in) they have a snap clip at the base of them and that's what appears to have deteriorated to such an extent that they're all popping out now. The silver face piece measures 3 and 3/8 inches in diameter. I've tried using the jet insert finder tool at SpaDepot.com -- must've looked at hundreds of different jet insert styles -- but nothing matches. Anyone know how I might find replacement jet inserts? Thanks!
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